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RIP Peter O'Toole


Peter O'Toole, one of my favorite actors is dead at the age of 81. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-25393557

I remember seeing him on The Tonight Show a few years ago where he told a story about what he would like for his epitaph:

"Many years ago I had a beloved leather jacket... and I never wanted to throw it away. I sent it to the cleaners because it was covered in blood and Guinness and scotch and Corn Flakes, the usual,"…..."It went off to the Sycamore Cleaners and it came back with a thing pinned on it: 'It distresses us to return work which is not perfect' - so I want that on my tombstone,"

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One of those people that guys like Leno and Letterman had good sense enough to just let talk. RIP to a wonderful contributor to the arts.


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A tremendous actor and Rugby fan.

Rest in Peace Peter, you'll be missed.
...A true ‘old school’ pioneer of the craft (and a favorite of mine)!!!. Too bad he didn't win an Oscar for Best Actor (other than a Honorary Award in 2003), for many of the films in which he starred…although I think he was ‘superb’ in the epic “Lawrence of Arabia”. :thumbsup:

May He Rest in Peace!!!

"A film is a [amazing] fountain of thought". Jean Cocteau

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Joan Fontaine also died. She was 96. Her first film was in 1935. Can you believe that? She worked with Laurence Olivier, Cary Grant, Orson Welles. 96-years-old. Unbelievable.


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Great actor indeed.
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