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RIP Norm MacDonald.


Fridays are Fishtastic!
One of my favorite comedians, sharp mind and was willing to throw a "dad joke" in every so often. His book, Based on a True Story, is remarkable and hilarious.
Thanks. I have added it to my list
Sad day. He seemed off for awhile. Like he was 80 years old or something. I didn’t realize he was sick. As stated his work on SNL was great.
(Weekend Update is probably the best part of that show these days)
As a 53 year old man going through treatment, I can understand that statement more fully than I care to.
You are right. He seemed weird/off for years. Maybe fighting cancer for a decade is the reason. 👎
He seemed older than his years, but his genius came through in a different, slower way. We're talking about the guy who, in the first flush of the pandemic, when no one knew whether we were all doomed, went to a comedy club and said:

"You never know how you're going to die."

"Well, I mean -- we all know NOW. But I'm talking about, like, a week ago."
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