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RIP Leonard Nimoy


Moderator Emeritus
Leonard Nimoy passed away today at the age of 83.
There's only 1 member of the landing party left.

Star Trek, Mission Impossible, and In Search Of...

Rest in peace Mr. Spock, we'll miss you.


R.I.P. You were one of the great ones. Scotty beamed him up to a much better place


Stumpy in cold weather
Moderator Emeritus
He managed to "live long and prosper" indeed! It is logical that we mourn his passing, for his passing diminishes us.
Too Bad,what an iconic Character he will be missed, Neat scene with him and Mark Lenard in Mission Impossible, Sarek and Spock LOL
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Sheldon Cooper just passed out.

What a talent.
You have been and always shall be, a friend. (even though we never met)

Maybe the guy upstairs would trade him back for Beiber?
from Twitter:
Jonathan Frakes: RIP to the best First Officer

Nathan Fillion: I have been, and always shall be, your fan. Thank you.

Jeri Ryan: RIP, Mr. Nimoy. You really did live long and prosper, and we were all the richer for it.

Kevin Smith: "Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... Human." Farewell, Leonard Nimoy - Actor, Director, Pop culture icon.

Masi Oka: RIP Leonard Nimoy, your inspiration will live with us forever. Thank you

Wil Wheaton: We stood on your shoulders, and wouldn't have had a galaxy to explore if you hadn't been there, first. Thank you, Leonard, Rest in peace.

Simon Pegg: "RIP Leonard. Lived long and prospered"
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