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RIP Batman

Wow. Bummer.

Sad to hear. He was so great in later life on Family guy, and every appearance I've seen him do.
Oh my, this makes me so sad. I loved Batman as a kid, and still do. Another piece of my childhood gone.
Holy Rest in Peace!!
I use to run home from school to tune into the Same Bat Channel at the same Bat Time to watch these in reruns. I'm feeling old!


Stumpy in cold weather
I guess this is one time he won't make a miraculous escape next week, same bat time, same bat channel. Rest in peace.
A Bond, and now a Batman. The heroes of my dopey youth...
Loved the tv series, but then what 7 year old kid didn't? The Batmobile, the Bat Utility Belt, the Bat Signal, the fact Liberace actually played menacing "villain"...
Thanks for entertaining idiots like me for so many years, Mr. West.
I will do the Batussi tonight in your honour.
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