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I think I'll have my first straight razor shave tomorrow. I've read a bunch about minimizing the blade's contact with water. Am I supposed to rinse the blade under water as I'm shaving -- between passes -- or wipe off the lather/whiskers on something like a rag, towel, sponge?

Also is there a short video that would demonstrate good straight shaving technique? My Internet connection is not terribly fast and it's not unlimited so I can really only watch a video or two without accruing new charges on my monthly account. I'm also looking for a short stropping video.

I think this is a great video, but it's kind of long, so it may not be best for bandwidth. If nothing else, the thread is a great read. The video shows a member using a damp sponge for "rinsing" his razor - a great tip that I now use every time I straight shave. Just make sure to wipe the razor down completely when you're finished (including around the pivot and between the scales, with a tissue if necessary) and then give it a quick strop to ensure that the edge is free of all water/hair/cream. I'm not much help for a stropping video, but the video in the thread I linked to has a bit of stropping in it as well. Just go slow there until you get a good rhythm down or you'll probably tear your strop to shreds (probably a good idea to start with a cheap one for this reason). Good luck, and let us know how it goes! :thumbup1:


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I never got the hang of wiping the razor on a rag or sponge, and just rinse under a small stream of water. Luc is a proponent of the sponge method, so try them all and see what works best. :)
I usually wipe my lather and whiskers off on the towel I used to prep with. I rinse the razor under running water when I'm done.
The risk of rinsing the blade is twofold:
Water getting into the pivot and rusting the tang and pins (still an issue even for stainless blades)
Banging the blade on the faucet or basin and damaging the blade

To avoid that, many will give the blade a quick stropping motion (spine leading) on a towel, sponge, or even their opposite arm.

Personally, I rinse under warm running water. Summertime, I shave in the shower and generally use one of my stainless blades, but I carefully dry them and lightly oil the pivot with camellia oil.
The video zirrow links you to is amazing and I recommend it, both now and also several months down the path. Since I don't have a sponge, I use the top of my left forearm (learned this from Geofatboy on Youtube) and this method works great for me. I personally found running my razor under the sink to interrupt my zen while shaving. YMMV, etc. Welcome and good luck! I hope you'll post a journal.

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I normally rinse under hot water, taking care not to get water up around the pivot. If running water is unavailable, I wipe the blade on yesterday's tshirt. The sponge looks like a good idea though.
Rinse under running water after each NaturalStroke(tm). Rinse again when done, dry the blade and put it away. I do try to keep water off of the scales and pivot pin. All of my blades are carbon steel and I have never had rust problems. The blades do take on a grey patina over time, but his is normal for carbon steel. In fact, this oxide layer is actually protective so I look at it as desirable.
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