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    I dont wear rings. I dont wear a wedding ring. I wish I could wear a ring. I think they look very nice on some men. Not on me. Some men with fingers the size of Bratworst sausages, wear rings like huge chunks of scrap metal with a precious stone and they look very nice. My fingers look like broken spaghetti, so rings are hard to match to those spindly things.

    Do you wear a ring? Why do you wear a ring?
  1. August West

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    When I married she suggested I put one in my nose, like a bull.

    I married very late. :lol1:

    I wear none. I find them troublesome.
  2. I would like to wear a ring. My bony knuckles accommodate a ring like a hoolahoop on Twiggy.
  3. I wear one ring, my wedding ring. I wear it as a symbol to my wife of my commitment to her. I have another ring, but I don't wear it. I also have a ring from my grandfather that I don't wear, but it is special since my grandfather has gone to heaven.

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  4. I wear my wedding ring on a necklace.

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  5. Great question! I just never got into rings, so I don’t wear one.

    Prince Valiant (remember the comic strip?) once said, “Never trust a man who wears a pinky ring!”:2guns:
  6. I have half a dozen Superbowl r
    So True. Last time I wore a ring it was a secret decoder ring when I was a member of the Batman Fan Club when I was 7. But i was referring to casual or dress rings.
  7. I had a signet ring briefly in my teens, but rings have generally been incompatible with my lifestyle for much of my adult life.

    Working in heavy engineering, with hobbies ranging from outdoor pursuits to DIY to amateur dramatics (on stage and back stage) and marine environments (inland waterways), a ring was basically a snag hazard for me. Even now I'm not working, but have balance issues, a ring is still a potential hazard, with no reason or benefit.

    For many years, I didn't wear a watch either. Same reason. I either relied on my phone, or carried a pocket watch. I do wear things around my neck though, but that's often more practical than decorative. I had this lanyard with me today, as I needed the mag glass at the top of the lanyard to read the menu in the restaurant I went to, and the other tools are all very useful anyway.


    That's the other issue I have with a ring, it doesn't DO anything. I'm not the most sentimental of creatures, so symbolic or cosmetic stuff that has no function is kind of lost on me. Decorative AND functional, I can go for, but items that are essentially decorative only, have no appeal for me.
  8. ajkel64

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    No, I don’t. I used to wear a ring my fiancée gave me but I cut the knuckle on my ring finger on my left hand and any ring that goes over the knuckle now is too bag to sit in place. It moves around too much and irritates me no end.
  9. i wear my wedding ring. besides tradition, i like the look. its an interesting ring i loved the first time i saw it.
  10. I wore a plain white gold wedding ring (don't like gold gold) for the first 27 years of our marriage then because of illness lost a considerable amount weight that wasn't there to lose, was hospitalized and the ring kept falling off so gave it to my wife for safe keeping.

    Just never put it back on. Have thought of getting one of those silicone wedding bands, more in keeping with an active lifestyle.

  11. TinyTim

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    I wear a plain gold wedding ring and occasionally a Thomas Jefferson lapis lazuli ring on my right hand. The wedding ring because its traditional; the other ring because I like the look.
  12. Fairly plain wedding ring, that's all nowadays. I did have a signet ring that I got at 16, had to be cut off in the end(!)

    A friend of mine here claims an allergy to metal but his wife wanted him to have a ring so his is tattooed onto the appropriate finger.
  13. I wear my wedding ring every day. A few years back I had a utility knife blade break and I was, unfortunately, not thinking of that possibility and did some damage to the fingers on my left hand. The swelling made it necessary to cut of the wedding ring.

    After recovering my wife bought me a fancy replacement - wider with some modest decorations. I picked it out. But it wasn't the same, so I had the old ring repaired and still wear it every day. Funny part was that back in 1973 we paid less than $50 for the ring and the repair was over three times that amount.

    I occasionally wear the fancy one for dress occasions. I have a few other rings that I like, but rarely wear.
  14. Decades ago, I wore a class ring, but found it and farm/construction work didn't go together. It doesn't for utility work, either, but don't think I wore there. Now, the only ring I wear is my wedding ring.
  15. It's said that the late Andrei the Giant could take off his ring and set a shot glass inside it.
  16. Wedding ring on the left. White gold. Rarely comes off. On the right ring finger, a 14k yellow gold with inset chunk of onyx and four small diamonds picked up in the Bahamas in the 90's. [​IMG]

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  17. I have been considering a Beacon Ring from Gemvara to wear on my right hand middle finger. I just bought an inexpensive tungsten ring from amazon yesterday to try wearing one to see if I like it before pulling the trigger on the beacon ring.
  18. I wear a white gold comfort band wedding ring everyday from Jared’s. As the name says it’s very comfortable, wearing it 18 yrs now. On the right hand is my Navy ring, wear it everyday as well, except for church.
  19. I only ever wore my wedding ring at home. Put it on my watchband for domestic training/field work. Left it at home for foreign trips.

    Now, none

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