Rex Ambassador... worth the price?

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    Sorry if this question has been posted before... I was thinking of buying the Rex Ambassador because I want an adjustable DE. I currently use the Karve and own all the plates up to the D plate, and I normally shave on the C and D plates depending on the growth. I wanted to try an adjustable so I can tone it down on the last cleanup pass instead of having to change out the plates manually on the Karve. I looked at the Parker Variant and the Merkur Progress, but both look cheaply made and I don't like the idea of having the adjustment nob on the bottom of the handle. From all the videos and reviews I have seen people love the razor, but is the $250 price tag worth the jump? Any of you guys who own the razor, do you love it enough that you would buy it again, or would you pass and get something else now that you have used it?
  1. It's built well enough and finished nicely enough to justify the price tag.

    It is not an inherently better shaver than many other adjustable razors that can be acquired for less money. There are many nicely performing razors, but like you said some of the other adjustables out right now are not built anywhere near as well.

    I would definitely err on the side of the most recent revision (ie buy new), though.
  2. No, it's not worth the full retail price. I much prefer the Gibbs adjustable that inspired it. The Gibbs balance is perfect; the heavier Ambassador throws the balance off imo. The Rex is a nice razor, but if you must have one wait and get one on sale or used from the BST forum. I would expect there to be some sort of promotion at Razor Emporium for Father's Day that might ease the purchase price on the Rex.
  3. I didn't try Ambassador yet but if you are looking for an adjustable with ring on top you should look for vintage Gillette or Vikings Blade Emperor Augustus
  4. I think it is worth it, and I do find it significantly better than a progress/variant. I've owned both of those, and I feel the Rex is miles ahead, not only in build and finish, but the shave it provides is significantly better as well. Going used is not a bad idea at all, I'd go for an "N2" or newer. If you can get an "O" even better.

    Edit: A slim is also a very good option. My only worries is that the blade gaps may be uneven, just be mindful of that when looking for one. I've owned 3 of them and they've all had uneven blade gap issues. It could be that I've just had terrible luck. I think the slim is miles ahead of the variant/progress as well, and they can be had for about $30-40 here.
  5. That's where I'd disagree. It's too chunky and not refined enough. It should be an ounce lighter, and slimmer in all respects and a little curving here and there would go a long ways to an aesthetically pleasing razor. As it is, I liken it to the diving watches that should have just let Rolex be and stayed out of the market. Sinn Uhren: Modell U1 To me, it and so many of the other artisan stainless steel razors are "Tool Razors" just like Sinn is a Tool watch. The Feather AS-D2 is the only one that has any sort of pleasing look at all to me.

    My perfect razor will be at least double in price of that because it's going to require a lot more time on the milling machine to make. In fact it would probably be needed to made by casting. If I'm in the need for an adjustable, Gillette has many that are better in form.
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    I was involved in the Rex passaround and found it to be one of the best modern razors I've used. As far as other modern adjustable razors, don't but a Parthenon.
  7. I like the way mine shaves and looks. I wish the head didn’t cover the blade tabs though because it makes it harder to get under the nose.
  8. I have my share of adjustables. I’ll second that my newly acquired vintage Gibbs is a much better razor than my Rex. I used to think trimming blades to put in the Gibbs would be a hassle, takes about 5 seconds for both ends combined. I was very wrong and missed them when they could still be had for about 40 bucks until the Rex was released.

    My adjustable list, not a ranking but Gibbs is now my best and the Super 84 is a close second. YMMV.

    Gibbs Adjustable (Best)
    Gillette Super 84 (Was #1 before Gibbs)
    Parker Variant with Merkur top cap
    Gillette Fatboy
    Gillette Slim
    Vikings Blade Emperor Augustus
    New Ming Shi 3000S (A lot of Zamac, so so in looks, but great shaver and one of the best upper lip shavers I own).

    Best vintage adjustable for the money would be the Slim. I got my Super 84 NOS for a steal, unfortunately the SAs tend to be much more abused in used condition than Slims.

    Best modern for the money would be a tie between the Emperor and the Variant. The Variant has those brass threads in that Zamac top cap so you’re fine there as far as durability. VB has brass silo doors, blade tray, t bar, dial, handle etc, only Zamac is the baseplate, not an issue either.
  9. I've had my Rex for 2 weeks now and I can say it is not worth the $250. Its the nicest looking razor in my short collection but the rockwell 6s and merker futur do just as good a job. A fair price would be $150 IMO.
  10. By Merkur top cap you mean Merkur Progress top cap?
    What it will do?
  11. Makes the Variant smoother and more maneuverable under the nose. Also increases aggression. Progress or any other long threaded Merkur top cap will do.
  12. I think that the Rex is a great razor. It's very well made, a smooth shaver and good looking on the counter IMHO, especially with the stand. When you consider the amount of hand assembly and detailing the price doesn't seem out of line compared to other artisan razors.
    There was a series of videos posted on another site showing the finishing and assembly. Impressive, I thought.
  13. I echo these statements. I much prefer the vintage Gibbs Adjustable. They aren't as easy to find as you often have to find them on European eBay sites, French the most common. But they can be found for less than the REX and are much smoother and more enjoyable. Sure they are vintage and will have signs of their history. The bakelite handle can crack, but you can find replacements. Personally I even prefer the Fat Boy to the Rex, and it too can be found at a better price. I am glad I got to try the REX in a pass around and I did not invest in purchasing one. Don't get me wrong it is a fine razor, but there are others I prefer.
  14. Thanks
    I have Merkur 25c so will try to see how it works out for me
  15. If you like it, let me know and I’ll show you how to calibrate the Variant adjustment settings, it is very easy. I just use the number under the cap as my arrow to calibrate it.
  16. Ymmv...

    But I love the Rex. It's really an outstanding Razor.
    I also have a Rockwell 6s and a gillette Super Adjustable and the Rex performs much better for me.. I get very close shaves, but needed one or two weeks to get used to the Rex...

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  17. Could one of you fine gents please post a pic of the Rex next to a Fat boy please?
  18. Unfortunately, the Rex was not what i had hoped it would be for me.
    I had an N3 model and the things looked fantastic, but for some reason, my shaves were less than average.

    I knew it was an efficient razor reading reviews online, but this thing literally takes any slickness away in 1 swipe. Not a good thing for me when i tend to do some light buffing.

    I also struggled to use it on any setting above its minimum gap, so the 'adjustability' of it was lacking for my experience.

    In the end, i sold it on a BST in Australia for a small loss and went back to my Rockwell 6S, but then bought a Karve and now think that it rules the roost in my den.

    I'm glad to have tried it, but unfortunately it wouldn't work for me. It is the most photogenic razor going around....

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