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Revisiting an old friend - Sometimes ya' just gotta' dance with who brung ya'

There's no question that my entire venture into the DE/Wet shaving world over the course of the last year has been one heckuva ride. My journey has been filled with tons of acquisitions; from razors both modern and vintage, to so many creams, and then delving into the world of artisan soaps. And then there are the brushes; oh, the brushes. And let's not forget the bowls, scuttles, mugs, and stands. Dare we even mention the blades?

Well, as of late, I've had in my daily rotation MDC, ADP, Catie's Bubbles LPV, T&H 1805, Castle Forbes Lime, and TOBS St. James Collection along with Eton College. This morning, while preparing my scuttle, brush, and razor - I looked up at the far corner of my cabinet and there she was - not asking for attention, not saying a word. She was just sitting there, maybe even a little dust covered, but nonetheless patiently awaiting her turn at bat. It was my Proraso green tub.

Ah, Proraso. When I first found this site, Proraso was one of the first brands I purchased. Truth be told, I had never even heard of Proraso prior to joining this forum. So I said to myself, what the heck. Looks like a Proraso day today. I had almost forgotten how refreshing/tingling it made my face, skin feel. Downright rejuvenating! I started with the Proraso preshave cream and then on to the lathering. Afterwards, I placed a small amount of the preshave cream on my skin and followed it up with some Proraso aftershave. Wow, did I feel alive and refreshed. Again, I had all but forgotten just how good this stuff truly is and how it made me feel long after the shave.

Skin, super smooth and feeling very clean. The scent, oh the scent. Brisk, crisp, and awakening. As the title states, sometimes ya' just gotta' dance with who brung ya'. And my dear old friend Proraso was the first product who brought me to this dance I call DE/Wet Shaving.
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Agreed. In the short time i've been DE shaving I have to say "dancing" with the Proraso green products just as you have listed is one of the best posthave feelings I've had so far. Very smooth, soft and refreshing!
My Proraso Green (cream and splash) have been in drydock through this dark, harsh Boston winter.
Can not wait for the first real spring day to break them out again.
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