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I was tired of using face washes (I have dry skin) ; Baxter and Nivea Sens. are great, but I wanted a change, and somthing more economical ; I decided to try Olay bar for extra-dry skin with shea butter

I washed my face with it for the last 2 weeks (I use it only on my face, I use a bodywash on my body, otherwise it wouldn't be economical) and the results I've got so far are very comparable to what I got with Baxter/Nivea sens.

The lather is creamy, the bar is long-lasting (if used only on the face), smells nice (hard to describe) and this stuff is gentle : 9/10

As Ashe has mentioned, if u rub your face gently, it's even more gentle

So, soaps are not evil, and face washes are not necessarely better ; there are drying soaps, there are gentle soaps ; the same goes with face washes : I tried some very drying ones, and very gentle ones
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