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Review: Saint Charles Shave - Fairway

Received this in a PIF and was intrigued by the scent. It really does smell like a freshly mowed fairway. At least it does when you smell from the tin...

The soap lathered to a stiff-but-creamy consistency very easily. I wanted something more slick and so watered it until I had a copious volume of thinner lather. The lather held up well and didn't require any water addition over three passes. Cushion was good, given that I had a thinner lather, and it was very slick at that consistency.

The shave was a unique experience since it really does smell like you're rolling down a freshly cut hillside as you're making your passes. Thoughts of various childhood shenanigans kept passing through my mind ... However, I found the scent to dissipate quickly, and by the time I finished the shave I did not detect any lingering scent at all.

I was using a GEM razor (also PIFed to me) for the first time, so my less-than-BBS shave was a result of a new razor and unfamiliar technique, not of the soap. I'd say the soap performed well for the shave. As I said previously, the soap was basically undetectable afterward, so if you hope to walk around all day smelling like the back nine, this won't do it for you. It was, however, a very fun and capable soap for shaving.

The soap is still readily available (Saint Charles Shave - Personal Shaving Soaps and Products) and goes for $8.00 for a 3oz tin. Not a bad price at all for a good soap with a unique scent (at least while you are shaving).
nice review, Sir Bearskin!

I had good fortune to receive a Fairway sample from our former shaving hero, Skypsyd, and fully enjoyed the shave!

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I wanna be sedated!
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Fairway is one of my go to Summer Scents. I like the splash as well to linger the scent.
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