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Review - Razor Emporium's Barbershop Small Batch Shave Soap

I obtained a sample of Razor Emporium's Barbershop soap yesterday and, having never tried any of their soaps, I felt the need to try it today.

Website Description:
"...made entirely from scratch here in our workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. With notes of musk, geranium, bergamot, oakmoss, orange zest and patchouli, this Barbershop scent is clean, fresh and natural and is a "classic" scent. The lather quality is wonderful and it provides a clean, slick shaving surface without any heavy feeling on your skin or irritating after effects. With glycerin for glide and shea butter for skin conditioning and a great post-shave feel..."

Listed as "All natural and VEGAN".

The website offers a matching balm and splash.

"Stearic acid, water, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, glycerin, shea butter, fragrance, sodium hydroxide"

The gear:
Razor: Wacker Chevalier
Brush: Heritage Collection Klenzo with a SHD knot. This knot is more dense, and hence has more backbone than most of my brushes. I wondered if it would be fair to use it for my first attempt since it tends to eat lather, but it worked just fine with the soap.

The shave:
I've gotten use to my WK, DG, MdC and other high-end soaps and didn't necessarily expect too much from the Razor Emporium soap. I'll admit it, I was surprised at the performance. It lathered easily, though it took more water than I expected and needed re-working between passes (I hereby acknowledge that I take my time with each pass). But with that said, it produced floppy peaks in a rich, creamy lather that had that "well hydrated sheen". Application was smooth and satisfying. And the traditional barbershop scent was spot-on and was refreshed each time I added a few drops of water and swirled the lather.

Glide was superb, on par with any soap I have tried to date and far, far better than many. Residual slickness was a little disappointing but satisfactory. But if needed, another dab with the brush treated me to another burst of that classic Barbershop scent.

The soap rinsed off more easily than many soaps I have used. The post-shave feel was wonderful, clean, soft and smooth all over, with no hint of drying at all. The scent didn't last long, as is typical with most soaps. And the soap had me looking forward to a big splash of Clubman throughout the shave. (C'mon, Barbershop ... Clubman... Does it get any better?)

I've always skipped over Razor Emporium soaps, thinking I was using the best of the best already. Besides, Razor Emporium sells hardware, not software, right? But this sample has me rethinking that. The soap performed very well and the scent was delightful. My generous dollop from the sample produced mounds and mounds of lather, so I assume I can get by with less product than I used today. That would make this a very economical soap as well. If you are looking for an excellent performing soap at a good price, I would highly recommend you check out Razor Emporium soaps.
RE soap is on top of my all time fav :)
have a few more to try WSP and A&E couple others cant think of :)

for me the RE house soap residual slick is best out of my soaps and the only one equal is the PAA CK-6 I tried recently

I do have super hard water so some soaps might perform better if my water was softer ?
but I do not want to have to dink with my water or have a jug in my bathroom etc. so I prefer just to have soap that works with water out of my tap :) reckon I should try just to see but again no desire to mess that much :)

also the RE soap is very affordable current is $14
scent wise I love the level is enough to enjoy and not in your face WOW like some I have tried and not

for me so far the goldilocks of my soaps
I bought their sample pack a year ago, and based on that, I purchased the full-size Barbershop and Citrus soaps as well as Barbershop balm and Old School splash. Theirs is my favorite barbershop scent. I like the scent more than PAA CaD, 345 Fresh Cut Fade and B&M Seville, which are the other barbershop soaps I own.

Add to this that the cost is VERY economical and the soaps are made in-house, and I'm on board. I also really enjoy their balms, and will probably pick up a couple more, as I enjoy the consistency that's how I like it--a bit more runny than Proraso's aftershave balm.
I do have to try the balm and splash one day lucky I can go in the shop about half hour away do love having a actual place to go in and handle things :)
Great review! Thank you for taking the time to write it and for sharing.
As Stan mentioned...barbershop scents are my favorites as well.
Use as much soap as you need to get a luxurious amount of lather. Never mind if you get less shaves than others do.
Here in UK, arko tub cost less than a cup if coffee in some well known coffee chains. I find a shave is doubly enjoyable when I load my brush well.
Can you compare it too stirling?
I can but reckon it wont help :) ya just have to try it :)

performance wise I find the RE much better than Stirling in every way
easier to lather up and better slick after that first pass I can follow up a bit

I tried a few stirling soaps and did not have good luck with them I also have very hard water and no desire to do anything to my water or keep a jug for shaving etc.. :) I think a lot of it is the hard water as so many love Stirling

scent wise I think the Stirling is more forward or seems like its scented so I prefer the smell of the Razor Emporiums they just seem a bit more refined and smooth I do think Executive man and the lime coconut are my favs of Stirling also I had two of their AS give me a bad allergic reaction so kinda leary of them now ;)

look feel wise in the tub Stirlings are more like the Fine A is I can push it around with my fingers and have a small bit stick to my fingers a touch while the Razor Emporium is much harder but not like SV soap hard or bar soap hard but closer to that
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