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Review of Vulfix Sandalwood Shaving Cream (pics)


This shaving cream got an awful bad rap right from the beginning. Before this cream hit our shores for distribution, it was already receiving lackluster reviews and was touted to be wildly medeocre, and have a **** poor "synthetic" scent. From the get go - this stuff just didn't interest me as for some reason the jar struck me as terribly ugly, low rent and drab looking - and coming from a fan of salter shaving creams - this means an awful lot.


The label looks VERY cheap and bland, and the plastic tub itself looks awful rinky dink. For the aformentioned reaons, this shaving cream just never really interested me, and even when offered a free sample - I passed it up, as I just out and out had no interest in trying/using this product.

My curiosity began to build after speaking with Hedonist, and him having spoken quite highly of this product - and that it moisturized his face much better than any other english cream.... I was a bit skeptical, especially with all the negative - or medeocre reviews out there of this creambut decided to give it a go regardless.


When you open up the lid - you are immediatly taken a back by 2 things, the look of the shaving cream (has the consistancy of cream of wheat) and the glorious and powerful scent of the sandalwood cream. As far as sandalwoods go - it does not smell like a "true" sandalwood, but has a wonderful fresh-baked ginger/cinnamin cookie type of smell. Personally I really enjoy the smell of this shaving cream, and it brings fond memories of my mothers fresh baked cookies.


One grip - again, is the rinky dink jar... I wish vulfix would catch a hint from AOS, or the 3T's and put out a sturdy, decent quality jar - but although a twist off lid with threads - the plastic was so flexable - I mistakenly grabbed hold of the jar firmly and pulled the top off (with ease). One squeeze and the whole jar flex's, very odd.

The vulfix cream is also incredibly runny/liquid like compared to the 3 T's. - Here is a pic of a tub of Taylors VS a tub of vulfix....



Notice - when I tilt the vulfix jar, the shaving cream immediatly starts to move and soon there after begins to "our out"


Add looking stuff....

The Verdict - I really enjoyed this shaving cream and feel it has received a bad rap. Due to its "loose" nature, it is incredibly easy to load your brush with this shaving cream - and with very little effort you are rewarded with copious amounts of thick, rich, creamy, hydrating shaving cream. I personally really enjoy its scent and feel it is just as efficacious as the three T's - trumpers, taylors, TrueFitt & Hill. I do agree with Hedonist, in that it does moisturize better than the other english creams. If they changed the jar, they wold have quite a product, but even in its current fashon - it is worth looking into, and I would suggest this cream to a beginner, as it seems to be the easiest to load into your brush, and very reasonably prices - without too many (sometimes confusing) scent options.

I have not tried the lavender - however I am quite interested in what you guys think of the scent - and for what it is worth..... I would buy this vulfix cream again in the future - without hesitation.
Well done review Joel! I liked the part where the law of gravity almost overcame the coefficient of viscosity too! :D
At anyrate I have the Vulfix Lavender in the Cave of Soaps along with the other two tubs of cream. Believe it or not, I enjoy it very much when I use it. The scent is not really bad, but it is not the afficionado's lavender. I am sure you could find some to rant for pages on how synthetic, odd, strange, different, not to their liking it is, but I find it pleasant.

Best regards,
Trying to relather
Joel, I have liked this shave cream since Charles sent me some samples. I agree with your review. I also like the scent very much. I can't say that I like the lavender as much though. Great review :cool: .
Hi folks,
I got two of the samples that were being sent out on wetshavers-to whit the ones that were sent in 35mm film containers. I have since bought a tub of lavender, and am thinking about one of the sandalwood, but I haven't even finished the samples of each, either....but FWIW even the samples are good. I think also there is some tendency to poo poo anything that isn't 300 years old, with 8 royal warrants, or doesn't cost alot. I initially expected to not like the Vulfix cream after the so-so reviews it got, but well, I was wrong.
I love it.
John P.
I finally got around to using my sample this morning while the scent is synthetic I enjoyed. I didnt enjoy the shave though, no lubrication what so ever, I had a few days growth so will try it one more time.
I have really enjoyed this stuff. I love the scent, and the shave I get is on par with the other high-end creams. My sample is firm and dense, unlike joel's pictures.
My sample was firm and dense as well but it didnt compare to my trumper coconut or taylors almond.....but not to far from my proraso:confused:
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