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Review of the all-new Rockwell T2 Adjustable Razor

T2 is parts made in China, assembled in Canada I believe.

Rockwell states parts are from USA and China, assembled in Canada.
They don't reveal which parts are from where but I suspect the T-bar is from US as it's an intricate part which Rockwell have had trouble with in the past.
I've had mine for a couple of months and I like it. I think it is mainly the doors that are zamak. My Rex Ambassador is all steel, but it cost a lot more and isn't a TTO. Only time will tell if the razor holds up over the long term.
I can also agree with the gentlemen before me about the T2 being and looking great still after half a year of usage. It has found a spot in my steady rotation and has replaced the job that my Super Speed had, which was giving a quick easy two pass shaves on days I had to be fast(which happens once or twice a week)
Just purchased the Rockwell T2. I am looking forward to getting it. It really looks great. How will it compete with my Merkur Future? Stay tuned for the next great shave!!!

Oh and by the way... I also purchased the Edwin Jaggar 3one6 razor as well. Another nice peice of razorthat am looking forward to receiving soon.
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I’m searching for a reasonably priced pre owned T2. I like my Rockwell 6s so much, I want to try the T2.

It’ll either be a T2 or a a Parker Variant that I buy next.
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