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Review of Razorock Irish Countryside shaving soap

I just bought a tub of Razorock Irish Countryside shaving soap and used it for today's shave. I just wanted to post my thoughts. All of these are my opinion based on my face only.

Razor: S.K. Colling Spanish point 6/8 straight razor. This razor has amazing blue paua shell scales.

Brush: I used a Rudy Vey black and butterscotch 25mm Mühle Silvertip fiber knot brush. I loaded in the container and built the lather on my face.

Soap: Irish Countryside. Irish Countryside uses the RazoRock Super Tallow Formula, which includes Tallow, Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Lanolin.

"First and foremost, we created this scent for ourselves. I know that sounds selfish but it's the truth! Inspired by the famous CREED Green Irish Tweed, one of my favorite fall/winter perfumes. I was tired of shelling out over $300 a bottle to buy the CREED product so RazoRock commissioned one of the finest perfume houses in France to make us a scent inspired by the original. I think you will agree with me when I say... IT'S DARN NEAR CLOSE! Hopefully, the people around you (and your pocket) will thank us. My guess is this will become a RazoRock classic!" (From Italian Barber)

Scent: This is definitely a man's scent. It smells like a hot late summer morning sitting in the dirt under a deciduous shade tree in a pasture in North Alabama. It gives off a clean dirt scent, mixed with the green from deciduous trees and growing grass in the hot sun. It doesn't smell like freshly mown grass, nor like evergreen or pine, at all. The green is more like deciduous trees in a small grove. It is very earthy. The smell isn't bad. At first it took me a minute, but then I started to like it.

Edit: Using this soap reminded my of my boyhood on summer afternoons. It brought back memories of adventures and wiling away the endless days until school started again.

The Lather: I wet the brush thoroughly under running water, then shook it three times, not trying to shake out all of the water. Then, I began loading the brush in the container off of the puck. Very quickly I had a lot of lather coming out of the container. I loaded a few more swirls and looked and knew immediately that I had overloaded. It was that easy to load.

I put the brush on my face and began to build the lather, which wasn't hard at all, obviously. The smell really blossomed when I began to paint my face. I added a couple of drops of water and finished off with a nice, creamy lather.

The Shave: At the first stroke I knew it was going to be smooth, and it was pretty good, overall. I made three passes with the straight razor, WTG, ATG, and finally XTG. I had no difficulty doing any of that. What I discovered was that this soap isn't as slick or cushiony as Geo F. Trumper, which I used yesterday. It isn't up to Mitchell's Wool Fat, for me. It was better than Stirling and cheaper. It was similar to Ach Brito Lavanda in performance, or maybe Mogno. It isn't bad at all, just not a top tier soap.


Scent: 7/10
Slickness: 7/10
Cushion: 7/10
Residual Slickness 8/10
Shave Comfort: 8/10 rounding
Price: 8/10
Average: 7.5/10

This soap was better than the Razorock What The Puck by a big margin. I'll probably buy some other scents of this brand and see how I like them. I reserve the right to change my mind.
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Thanks for the review. I had immediately dismissed this soap because I assumed it was an Irish Spring scent. My wife absolutely loves Stirling's Sharp Dressed Man which is also a Green Irish Tweet homage. I'm out of that soap but still have plenty of the aftershave. I might give this soap a try now.
Thanks for the review. I had immediately dismissed this soap because I assumed it was an Irish Spring scent. My wife absolutely loves Stirling's Sharp Dressed Man which is also a Green Irish Tweet homage. I'm out of that soap but still have plenty of the aftershave. I might give this soap a try now.
I think it is slightly different, but of course, still a take on GIT. It is nice. It won't be my favorite, not because of the scent but because of the performance. A straight razor puts demands on soaps that DE safety razors and cartridge razors don't, at least for me.

The intriguing smell lasted for hours on my face. I could occasionally get a whiff of it throughout the day. Also, I like the fact that the scent is not strong and in your face, nor does it make you smell like a $2 whore. I usually prefer barbershop scents and clean soapy scents. This one I certainly will keep around.
At one time, this was called RazoRock G.I.T., at least in the AS format. It was an amazing aftershave and scent.

I was never able to compare the original and RR side by side, but I had no complaints.

It's too bad RR doesn't still make the KL and 888 soap bases. Those were the best of the best.
I don't see this on IB's site. Did they stop making it?

Edit: Found it when I did a search for it.
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Ron R

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My experience with RR Irish countryside soap and aftershave is positive. At first it was not over appealing scent wise and being a little experienced with RR lavender soap so I tried it a few it more times and found it one of the best quality soaps I have and the scent + lather quality is excellent. I find the Irish Country side aftershave a slightly different scent then the soap but reasonably similar. It might just be me but I do not like all sweet scented aftershaves and like something different like Bayrum with some clove, Proraso Green Eucalyptus that might not appeal to some folks.
Soap: PAA Future Fiction
Brush: RazoRock Beehive
Razor: Ikon Tech
Blade: Super Iridium
Aftershave: PAA Atomic Age Bay Rum

Been shaving with Merkur 34C for a couple weeks. Back to a very aggressive Razor the Ikon Tech. Very careful with my technique and have not cut myself or gotten any weepers. I'm liking it.
I don't have the Irish Countryside soap, but I ordered the AS splash. Stirling's SDM has a very light scent and I can't really get a feel for it by sniffing the puck. I have tried Cool Water Cologne (inspired by Green Irish Tweed) and I believe it is an unusual fragrance. It blends into the body's chemistry and creates a pleasant, natural scent. It doesn't overpower to the point that you can be certain that the person is wearing a fragrance. You get hints of it. Creed Aventus is an extremely pleasant, but it leaves no doubt that the person is wearing a fragrance.

Is anyone aware of other understated fragrances that blend in like Green Irish Tweed?
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I got a bottle of Irish Countryside splash in today. Sniffing straight off the bottles both me and my wife agree that the Sharp Dressed Man splash is the better scent. They are similar, but obviously different . SDM is just better smelling. In fact my wife felt that SDM > RR Black Label > RR Irish Countryside.

I got the Irish Countryside during one the RR flash sales, so it was much cheaper than SDM and I'd do it again.
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