Review of Johnson&Johnson Flexible Fabric Band-Aids for Muhle R-41 Knicks

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by L.A. Jones, Jan 13, 2019 at 10:04 AM.

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    I am giving the Muhle R-41 a first go today and picked up some Johnson&Johnson Flexible Fabric Band-Aids in an effort to exercise good Risk Management. I have limited DE shaving experience and have read tales of terror regarding this razor.

    Over the past few weeks I have used the Rockwell 6S with #4/5 plates and the RazoRock Game Changer with no knicks. So I had a measure confidence as I washed my hair and applied a 90/10 mix of Noxzema and Glycerin for the preshave. I soaked a bit in the shower and let my mind wander… and it did wander. Back to her… always back to Erica.

    I was at the beach house in a hot shower and I hear her sweet voice gently calling my name. She walks down the hall toward the shower and a touch of her perfume announces her arrival. Her gentle fingers grasp the shower curtain and… but I digress.

    As the pre-shave does its work I turn my attention toward today’s weapon selection. A Maggard .20 synthetic knot I had placed on an old Rubberset handle. I accomplished that project when I had just gotten into DE Shaving. In some ways it seems like a million years ago and in some ways it seems like 3 weeks ago (probably more like 3 weeks ago because that’s actually when I re-knotted it).

    T.O.B.S. Sandalwood shave cream would prep the battlefield and a fresh Derby blade would lead the charge. I lathered, whispered a prayer, and began the shave letting the razor do the work WTG.

    Amazing! As I worked the sideburns and cheeks I could really feel this blade. Slow and steady… I liked the feel and it seemed to be getting the job done. I worked the throat area with good results… maybe some slight irritation in one area but no biggie. Next I prepared to engage within the danger zone.

    I worked the chin area… definitely had to pay attention but still casualty free after that engagement. Maybe this razor wasn’t that bad… maybe you just have to be careful. I like that I can feel the blade and really control the attack. I am in charge.

    Maybe I am just a better DE shaver than all those other folks. Maybe I am particularly gifted. Maybe I am one of the best… not the best, but one of the best (ok, maybe the best). Next up, below the bottom lip.

    The attack was sudden, unexpected, and vicious. The razor had set me up and lured me in. As the blade caught my lower lip area I experienced time distortion. I knew what was happening but couldn’t stop the downward motion. A million questions went through my mind:

    Why had I become so over-confident and complacent?
    Did I send in my Life Insurance payment this month?

    Why… Why did Erica leave me?

    When I was able to act I withdrew the razor and applied pressure to the wound. A wound, that quite frankly, may have killed a lesser man. I splashed a bit of water on my face and after examining the damage elected to finish this first pass. I reverted back to a high level of concentration and caution resulting in no damage around the nose or upper lip.

    The measure of a man is not a matter of whether he experiences adversity or not… but more so how he deals with that adversity. I had nothing to prove. The first pass was not perfect but pretty good so, on this day, I elected to leave it at that.

    Will I use the razor again tomorrow? It’s far too early to think about that. Right now I am just concentrating on healing. The root cause of this accident was not the razor… it was a result of Human Factors.


    The Johnson&Johnson Flexible Fabric Band-Aid felt pretty good but was too big for the wound so I took it off.

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  3. LOL

    Thanks for an enjoyable post.
  4. Post of the year!
    but that wound doesn't look that bad
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    Price we pay for excellence in manly arts!

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    Oh she is a crafty one indeed my friend! 1/4 of the way through that first downward stroke of the morning shave I become very aware and awake that the Beast is joining me for the journey...LOL. Great post!
  7. This is amazing. Thinking of you during this trying time.

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  8. Lol. Maybe your lawyer can go after the forums for undue and unrealistic influences. Haha
  9. LOL! Great post.
  10. Grundi

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    Epic post, @L.A. Jones!! Ah, the Muhle R-41, a fickle a love as any man could have!! You are a brave indeed!!
  11. Thoughts and prayers during this trying time.
  12. Oh no the humanity the carnage of the vicious attack by R41... That razor needs to be put down lol!
  13. Great review I’m still tearing from laughing as I’m trying to write this
  14. I feel a little guilty about giving you a hard time after your harrowing experience, but not so guilty to prevent me from doing so. So I will point out that you would have done far better, in fact would have achieved pure shaving bliss, if only you had not been so narrow minded as to fail to consider the vast range of vintage options so readily available. Chasing after the latest model, signing up for kickstarters and those passarounds Gus keeps doing -- when the answer has been there all along. But you know that. Don't you, Mr. Jones?
    vintage band-aids.jpg
  15. L.A. Jones

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    You offer tough love... but it is warranted. Starting late in the game... I have gone too far, too fast trying to catch up (starting late does afford one more disposable income which, in this case, could be a blessing or a curse). Thus far I have garnered:

    A Fatboy, several Slims, Pre-War techs, Post-War Techs, British/Canadian Techs, Blue/Black/Red Tips, Black Beauties Long/Short, 40's SuperSpeeds, Flair SuperSpeeds, 60's SuperSpeeds, Black Handle SuperSpeeds, Knacks, Goodwill, New, Lady Gillette Blue/Gold, and turn of the century parts and pieces I can't even identify.

    It is I who have been fickle. Staying with each for a few days and securing backups just in case I find... "the one". Then I move on to the next conquest... never willing to commit.

    But that was the old me... from now on NO MORE BUYING RAZORS!!!

    (I do have a few coming in and it would not be right to return them).

    Also, I will be needing a few more brushes... for comparison purposes.
  16. FABULOUS POST!! :a29:
  17. Serious RAD like that is extremely hard to cure, I suggest you stock up a more bandages and with your yet to be delivered inventory, you might as well do a review for these bandages too.

  18. Hilarious post. Might I suggest a styptic pencil as well? :)
  19. musicman1951

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    Funny stuff! But it's time to man-up: a styptic pencil (accompanied by the styptic dance) would take care of that big weeper!
  20. johnwick

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    Great read! Made my day!

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