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review of 3 shaving creams, Arko sensitive skin, Arko cool, and Olivia bay rum.

My friends, this past week, I was fortunate enough to test shave with 3 wonderful creams which were very, very generously given to me by a fine gentleman who lives in Europe. The first cream I'd like to review is Arko sensitive skin, which is a terrific, soothing, and pleasant smelling cream which lathers up in a second, and leaves the skin smooth, close-shaven, and soothed. The second cream is Arko cool, which is another amazing product of Evyap Industries in Turkey as is the former cream, and this latter one has one of the nicest scents I've ever personally experienced. The lather is sumptious, and rich, and the shave is great, and the skin feels well moisturised and comfortable. I'm impressed with these products immensely! The third one, Olivia Bay Rum is made in Germany by Olivia Seife, (Seife is German for soap) and has a lovely bay rum fragrance which I'm a big fan of, (I have Classic bay rum soap) also lathers very copiously and gives a comfortable, moisturising, and well fragranced shave. I was a little saddened because these beautiful products are non-existant in my city of Montreal, so I'm hoping to soon purchase them again. I give these creams each the double thumbs-up. :thumbup:

Thanks for the reviews, Jeff. Arko seems to be getting a lot of good press lately. I'll have to pick some up at some point.
Thanks, Scotto. The other cream, Olivia bay rum is also excellent. Take a look at my review of the Arko soap. This stuff is true Turkish delight! :wink:




Is the Olivia Bay Rum a bar shaving soap or a cream shaving soap?


Does the Olivia bay rum cream lather well? Do you know if the bay rum soap is any different in scent? I just ordered the bay rum cream and sandalwood soap.
yes, Steve, it lathers great, and it smells so nice, if you enjoy bay rum scented soap or cream, you'll love this one. I never tried the soap, however, only the cream.

i tried the citrus arko cream and it smells rather nice. I use some in my cup after lathering the brush with the arko stick, best of both worlds. and its cheap
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