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*REVIEW* Gillette Fusion Power (No Joke)

Well guys,

I just bought one (the "power" version) and will use it first time tomorrow. We'll see!

Thanks Joel for the review (I'm actually excited to try this bugger!)
HlSheppard said:
Well guys,

I just bought one (the "power" version) and will use it first time tomorrow. We'll see!

Thanks Joel for the review (I'm actually excited to try this bugger!)
Hey Howard,
Good show. I think you are exhibiting those qualities that separate us from the animals. (The setup, now the shot!) Consumerism!:001_tt2: Yes, even though Gillette responded to the complaint that I had several years ago with the trimmer blade, I just can not bring myself to use a razor with five regular shaving edges. What can I say? I guess I am just too flipping old..:blushing:
Hope you enjoy it..:yesnod:
Ron, that's a little sarcastic but you have a point. I will not be buying one of these razors because all the cool kids are doing it. I just don't believe in them and will not be parting with my cash for it. So I'm with you Ron. :cool:
:a47: Sarcasm? HERE??? The hell you say... :quickdraw

I'm spending the $11.99 in the name of experimentation.

I don't see the Futur of the Slant going anywhere any time soon. To be honest, the refills are too damned expensive!

Of course, I could ask Charles to reveal your 2005 order tally if you want to talk about consumerism, Ron...:blushing:
Pot. Kettle. Black. 'Nuff said.
Austin said:
Ron, that's a little sarcastic but you have a point. I will not be buying one of these razors because all the cool kids are doing it. I just don't believe in them and will not be parting with my cash for it. So I'm with you Ron. :cool:

Are you saying Joel and Howard are cool?? :eek: :wink:
I have shaved with this sucker for a few days now and have a little more experience/insight.

First let me re-iterate... this thing (at least for me) is very medeocre without vibration. Flick on the "power" and it magically improves the quality of the shave. So far I have received all but one clean, smooth and lasting shave from this razor... on the third day - I got a little overzealous and made literally 8 passes with this sucker (5 of which against or against/across the grain) and got WAY too close a shave. Now - to qualify this, it wasn't that I necessarily got irritation - so much as the shave I got was too close - in that since the fusion pulls up the hair and cuts below the skin, I got a bunch of ingrowns having cut so far below the skin. I fault this to the user (me) and not the implement. Thus far, I have received shaves that are on par with a GOOD DE, in a fraction of the time, with little to no effort - using Will G's Shea Butter soap.

Do I think this will replace my DE's? No. No no no. I cannot justify the cost of blades, and I think DE's are just plumb more fun. I will say however - I will ALWAYS have a Fusion Power and a fresh blade or two around however, for days when I am in a massive rush, and can only spare a minute or two for a close shave.

All in all, I would say this Gillette Fusion Power is a VERY GOOD razor. Not excellent, but it is mighty good, and if I had a seal of approval - I'd give it a stamp :wink:
Well, I had my first shave with the Fusion Power this morning.

I used Will G. shea butter soap and here's what I found:

Basically everything about the razor (physically) has already been written. It's plastic and plasti-chrome. The powered model has a slightly heftier feel (due to the battery/motor/et. al.).

I only used it in "vibrate" mode this morning. I did 3 passes with the Will G. soap and my little Chubby 1 in Best badger.


GREAT shave!
No nicks, cuts, razor burn, etc.
Almost "idiot proof"


Almost "idiot proof"
VERY hard to feel what's going on with the shave or razor
incredibly slimy "lube strip" YUCK!
Expensive to replace blades
Embarassing to admit on this forum that I got a great shave!

No kidding, folks - had I done my "normal" four pass routine I would have been every bit as glass-smooth as four passes with my Feather equipped Slant Bar or Futur. I did NO stretching of the skin - basically just pulled the thing across my face.

The little "6th blade" on the back does seem to work fine for touch up once you figure out what angle the blade sits at.

I know that Will G.'s soap is incredibly thick and moisturizing. However, when I rinsed my face in-between passes; that damned goo left on my face from the "lube strip" felt like I had been attacked by sea slugs. It was actually disgusting to me. I actually did almost a full pass with only water and the "goo" and there was PLENTY of slickness for touch-ups, etc. Either way, I'd rather just stick to the cream or soap I'm using that day, thank you.:18:

When shaving against the grain you really feel a weird resistance as the blades are catching the hair. I'm sure I'm not describing this correctly, as there is not one bit of pulling or pain involved. You just really feel that the razor is cutting some whiskers. Someone (Joel?) stated that it almost feels like you could let go of the razor and it would hang there and that's a very apt desciption (albeit not true). Still, comfortable in every way.

So far, no ingrowns or negative effects, whatsoever. Although I get these whenever I got TOO smooth, no matter what type of razor I use. For my face, the price of "lightbulb smooth" is usually a few ingrowns.

Anyhow - I'll keep shaving with it for a couple of days and see how the blades hold up. Overall, I'm ashamed that I'm so damned impressed with the shave this thing gave me. All I can say is, wow - it pains me to admit it! :nonod:

Again - there is NO WAY that I could stay married after finally convicing my wife how much money DE's saved over "shaving systems." Granted, she doesn't know that we have a mortgage payment worth of creams, soaps and brushes!:blushing: But this damned contraption certainly delivered the goods.
it has been interesting to watch this thread develop.

i think that in the end, when all is said and done, gillette has a loser on its hands. the cost is simply far to great for the average shaver to pursue, and gillette has been known to have a "new and better" motif going for their products. eventually i think they will hit a wall and have to head back to the drawing board.

i'm a typical guy with a typical beard, and had to stop using the m3 due to intense irritation. i don't see how a few more blades would make the situation better. perhaps if gillette has something on their hands that is state-of-the-art and AFFORDABLE then i will take the plunge and buy the product. for right now i will enjoy cheap DE blades and my adjustable gillette from the '60s (back when they were right on the money).


You're absolutely right. I would really consider having this razor as part of my normal rotation were it not for $3.50 per cartridge (or something like that).

My face responds very well to this razor (as it did with the M3). I get an "autopilot easy" shave that's VERY good. Can I get closer with a Slant Bar? Absolutely. But it requires more time and skill than most guys are willing to invest in the morning.

If I had the issues like you, and obviously others, have with irritation - I wouldn't even consider this razor. I can irritate my face MUCH easier with a DE than I can with this razor, however.
Wait till the blades hit flea bay...... a few months ago my dad picked up FIVE HUNDRED (500) Mach III blades, BRAND NEW all of them in sealed retail packaging for UNDER $50 shipped.... he basically has a lifetime supply - for $50. The Fusion blades will be bad at first... but in 6-8 months they'll spread like herpies.
reginald-van-gleason said:
Here Here.

I wouldn't be caught dead with anything that LARGE that VIBRATES :eek:

Oh fooey.... you're from San Francisco.... you know you like it :lol: :lol: :lol:
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