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REVIEW : Giesen & Forsthoff 1350


A closed comb razor that you don’t see or hear much about. I saw this and there was just something about its simple yet elegant design that caught my eye. So I did a bit of googling on it before deciding upon a purchase. It is said that this delivers the results of a typical 3 pass shave with a DE89 in just 2 passes, and its classed as a medium aggression.

The company has a long, interesting history and that comes through in the design and finish of this razor.

This costs around £55-85 across the usual places like ebay and some auction sites with prices going into the £145 region if you fancy one with a bit of wood etc on the handle. Anyway, I spotted that Connuaght had this at £42.90 so decided to get it. (all units come with a 10 pack of Timor blades)





The head is made from zinc and the handle is steel. Upon close inspection, the quality of the plating on the head cap and base plate are perfect and visually a league above the likes of the Merkur and Muhle competition. The handle is also free of defects and the simple details are clean and concise.

The blade aligns perfectly without effort. The handle may not look like it offers much grip but, during the shave or wet handling, I had no moments where it felt like it could slip.

It looks good on the pictures but in person, there is a distinct ooze of quality about this Giesen & Forsthoff 1350, even when its sat in the company of the Muhle Rocca and ATT SS.

On this alone, the extra few pounds in cost over the cheaper competition is definitely worth it.





Fatip Grande
Muhle R89
Giesen & Forsthoff 1350
Parker 91R



This weighs in at 119g and the balance point is just at the top 1/3 of the razor by the flare. It feels a bit lighter during use as though it weighs about 95g.


(For all testing and comparison reviews, I always use a new Astra SP blade and the same shaving cream).

This definitely is a mild razor in my book and for me there wasn’t any noticeable blade feel. The first pass reminded me why I prefer more efficient razors like the Muhle R96 and ATT H1. The first pass started to get through the light beard but, needed about 2 repeated strokes (and about 4 or so around the chin) along the way to prep it for the second pass. The head glides as smooth as silk, it doesn’t tug or struggle on dense/troublesome growth but, this will probably be down to the weight. (The Muhle R96 and ATT H1 just strip it right off, first stroke.) Finding and maintaining the angle through was easy.

Second pass, was smooth as silk. There is a little bit of audio feedback you can easily use to help hear what is going on. The razor managed to get under the nose area more easily than a DE89 and Parker unit thanks to a slightly slimmer head profile. This G&F 1350 will provide a clean, efficient DFS in 2 passes and a 3rd pass for BBS. The efficiency will mean there should be no clean up needed after the 3rd pass. (With skin stretching, a steady hand and some extra strokes , I can only just manage to get BBS in 2 passes with it which, is quite an achievement from something as mild as this but, it takes a lot of concentration and the BBS will be very, very short lived – far easier to go for a 3rd pass).

On reflection, there is no aggressiveness to the Giesen & Forsthoff 1350 razor, it remains very mild and handles well all the way through a shave delivering an enjoyable shave. It does offer a little more efficiency than the likes of a DE89 whilst being silky smooth with no signs of more aggression. In my DE89, I always used Feather blades, so with the G&F 1350 running an Astra SP blade, that should show that the G&F 1350 is somewhat slightly more efficient. The efficiency of this razor I would say form my experience rivals something like the ATT R1, which is highly respectable. (I have to say that my £19.99 Parker 91R just steps ahead on outright efficiency over the ATT R1 and G&F 1350 but, it does feel more aggressive too).

Below are some pictures with the G&F 1350 alongside some other closed comb razors I think that are similar in nature and I've added the Muhle R96 as its a great SS razor but, much further above in efficiency, a bit more aggression but a fine piece for £73.50.


Muhle R89 (with IKON bulldog handle)
Giesen & Forsthoff 1350
Parker 91R
Muhle R96 Rocca



This is a mild, silky smooth shaver, that is slightly more efficient than the likes of a DE89 razor. It exudes a quality look and finish that its competition cannot match. It is a pleasure to handle and shave with. On that basis it is worth the slight extra cost over the likes of its closer rivals such as the Muhle R89/ EJ89, Merkur, Bluebeard’s closed combs etc. However this said, as lovely as it is, if you can get it for under £50 its worth it (if this sounds like the razor for you) but, I certainly can’t say it’s a good buy over this price at the price other retailers may ask at around £80.

Aggression : 3/10
Efficiency : 5/10
Build Quality : 8/10
Value For Money : 6/10
Thanks for the Review, i've come across this razor before in my online travels.It looks good, i wonder what the open comb version is like.
Yes, think your right DSK. Branded as Giesen & Forsthoff 1350/Timor.I think Gifts and Care in Spain has them in stock.I think they might be a bit on the mild side for me.
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