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*Review* CAR A/S Tonic Spray....


Now - while I do not think on its own this product is anything too wonderous, when coupled with CAR A/S moisture cream, it is a dream come true.

First - let me say, the scent on these sprays is simply delightful. Really original and "out there." The Summer Sage is incredibly soothing, the Lime is invigorating and the Frankincense/Orange is just... well... superb!

Really a nice pick me up - and I would highly recommend.

I do think it is important to point out however - that I personally feel QED DaVinci water is a superior product, as it has the ability to assist an aftershave/moisture cream, and it can also stand on its own. I also love the scent of DaVinci water, and feel it might be a touch better. With that said BOTH are nice products and have their specific niches.
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Wow. CAR's changed the bottles and labels, I like the new look. I'll agree with Joel's assessment, except for the DaVinci water which I got rid of - I didn't like the scent at all neither did SWBO (she asked if I was going to keep it).

I use his Bay Rum Hydrosol and it's great, but then I'm a bay rum fanatic. I also have him "bump up" the fragrance a bit, where he custom blends these he can do this, he labels it "X-Strength".

I'm using CAR's Summer Sage tonic right now with the Lime/Green Tea conditioning cream. AWESOME combination. You can use the tonic on it's own as simply a refresher ... but it's best used in conjunction with the CAR after shave cream. The only other tonic I've tried is the Lime - and it's out of this world refreshing.

** Joel -- do you have more than one tonic going at a time, or do you just stick with one? I have Summer Sage but I'm thinking I'd like to have a bottle of Lime as well so I can alternate. Heck, I suppose you could have the whole lineup going at once since the scents don't linger and collide with your cologne. They sure are a nice little luxury though in your shaving routine :wink:
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