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Returning to my roots or why did I buy that gun in the first place.

Shoulder said "Not just No but Hell No!"

Man, getting old is certainly not for the comfort crowd.

What really bugs me is I have absolutely no idea how I hurt it in the first place.

But it gives me time for reflection.

I really like the idea of the S&W CSX. I like Single Action Cocked&Locked handguns (even when the hammer is hidden away like with my Colt 1903 Hammerless) and have long carried both the original P35s and many more recent clones but also perfectly comfortable with traditional DA/SA handguns. And that's where the dilemma raises it's ugly head.

Almost forty years ago I bought a S&W model 469 Compact 9mm. It is a few ounces heavier than the CSX and about a half inch longer than the CSX but I've a herd of flush fitting 15 round model 59 magazines for it and considerable experience and it's a known quantity and I have a herd of IWB and OWB and Shoulder Holsters for it and it's super reliable and never picky about ammo and ...

But the CSX is NEW. And the safety moves in the right direction and it's new and a little lighter and new and just a little smaller and ...

But the CSX is at best 12 rounds fitting kinda flush with a spacer and the grip on the 469 is a full three fingers but the CSX is new and ...

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