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Not a newbie, but it's been awhile. Great to see the improvements to the website and it really makes me smile seeing that the Sue Moore Memorial Fundraiser is still going on!

Started DE shaving with a Merkur 23C and trying to will an acceptable lather out of a tub of Proraso and a miserable Escali brush. Current favorite setup includes a Merkur 37C Slant while lathering classic Martin de Candre with a synthetic Stirling brush. Really loving the feel of the new synthetics! Last time I tried a synth knot felt like rubbing my face with frayed fishing wire :lol:
Welcome back!
I like your soap choice.
It's on my list to try.
Do you like your MdC?
It is delightful, one of my favorite scents. Like others, it takes a bit to get the water ratio right, but the lather is very nice when it's got that slippy feel.
Rob. Welcome back, sir!
No, you are not a newbie by any sense of the word.
Yes, they have made vast improvements on the synths. I, like you, have the Stirling synth and I find it to be a good one, but I like the RR 400 Plissoft so much better.
Again, welcome back!
Appreciate the warm responses from everyone thank you!

On a lark, this weekend I tried out the (very tiny) synthetic that came with an AoS gift set that I was given last Christmas and it was a rough shave. I don't quite know the proper words for it, but the "action" on the brush was just awful. Water retention was terrible, splay was almost non existent, poor face coverage, and it shed more than a couple hairs. Maybe I was just too rough with it. Ehh back in the box it goes. Will maybe make a nice starter PIF down the road..


ATF. I use all three.
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Welcome back to B&B. When you get a chance head over to the Hall of Fame and tell us a little more about yourself.
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