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Returning SR Shaver - How Bent is Warped?


B&B membership has its percs
I am trying again after a couple years worth of shoulder surgery to get back into straight shaving. Slow baby steps. Today, I received a new razor from a highly regarded B&B vendor, that has a bit of a wiggle to it. That is, I see something, from the back of the blade it turns. Bevels look even, it was honed evenly, there is just a bit of uneven scratching on one side of the spline, where it would be if my eye don't lie.

Should I be concerned? I tried & can't take a picture that shows what I am seeing, a straight edge from circa 1960 says it does bend ever so slightly to the reverse of the blade.

If it hones up nicely dont worry about it. As long as normal honing makes the bevels meet for the whole length of the blade you are good to go. The bevel flat doesnt even have to have a consistent width. It is all about two planes intersecting in a shaving edge.
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