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Returning Member Checking In

Hi guys, I was a member a few years ago now Im back. I gave wet shaving away as I had straights at the time which I had a really hard time keeping sharp. I know if I had of stuck with it Id probably be half decent at honing & stropping by now but it became a chore & my results were very hit & miss. Out of curiousity I ordered a Dovo shavette (stainless version), a tub of Taylor of Old Bond Street (Jermyn Street), a tub of Proraso red, Osma alum block & a packet of the Dovo long shavette blades that fit the black insert from MensBiz Australia a few weeks ago. Let me start out by saying Im very impressed with the Dovo..maintainance free & Im getting extremely smooth shaves. A few weeks ago when I started it was taking me about 40 mins including making a lather with 2 passes. I now have that time down to about 18 mins with shaves getting better (less irritation on my neck) & when I rub the alum block over my face theres hardly any stinging compared to when I started. All in all very happy with the Dovo & Im thoroughly enjoying wet shaving again. I will be ordering a Feather SS folding shavette in the next month as Ive heard nothing but great things about them. Will give an update on my thoughts when I get the Feather:)
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