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Returning After 10 Year Hiatus

That's awesome! I couldn't help myself and tried again with the Henson today. It was pretty good actually. One thing I realized as well, is that in my first foray into this 10 years ago, I always tried to get a shave as good as what I got with a cartridge. For me, that is just asking for pain...three passes with a DE and it always gave me burn and ingrowns. I HAD to go ATG to even look like I shaved at all.

Today I thought "you know what?" I don't NEED to get a BBS. Let me get an SAS and just enjoy the experience. It was pretty dang good! Looking back, I wish I had realized or been told to not expect the same results as a cartridge. At least not right away. All the talk about "I get better-closer shaves with a DE and with less irritation!" I always thought in my head "HOW!?" The DE's always (and still) just dont shave as good for me as the carts do. I think for me, I will never get the same results as a cart but that's ok. Just something about how all those blades distribute the pressure and the fact that they're flexible maybe helps me.

I also think that a lot of cart-complaints come from people who are shaving 3+ days of growth with a cart. I totally get how that is miserable. Shaving every day for me with a cart was so easy and awesome I didn't even think about it. Jeez, I'm OCD haha. I will continue with the Henson SAS's for now anyways!
I haven’t been very active. Found a kit that worked well and sort lost interest in collecting. Now I’m seeing what’s new.

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Good to have you 'back in the saddle' (after 10yrs...'Yeah Baby'!), and enjoy your shaves! :thumbsup:

"Things were jus' not the same with out ya". CBJ
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It's all about what works for you. I've never found a setup that shaves quite as comfortably as the little yellow plastic single-blade Bic disposables, so I feel what you are saying.

That said, I have a few DE/blade combos that get pretty close, but it took me a while to find them.

Have you tried a blade sampler? You may have mentioned you did, and I missed it. For me I find a sharp blade, in a low/medium aggressive razor with fewer passes did the trick. I just aimed for an acceptable shave for a long time as I got every other variable under control, and then I added more and more to my shaves. I did (2) WTG passes for about a year most days and called it good enough. I spent the year perfecting lathering, my pre-shave ritual, finding blade and razor combos that maximized comfort and efficiency, etc.

Heck, I still shave with carts at times. I picked up a little brass razor and brush stand that came with a brass razor handle that takes Atra II cartridges, and I picked up some Lord brand carts that fit it. I still have a Sensor and a Mach III handle if needed. When the situation calls for them to get used, they do.

So use a DE, or not, but stick around to enjoy the exchange of information around here, and good luck in your shaving journey!
If carts are giving you a better shave you should try straight razors. The shave quality is night and day. Takes a little getting used to but when you get it down, nothing comes close.
Took me about a month to equal a cart and by three months I was getting way better shaves. With my own edges I might add. I have a dense heavy beard as well so I know what you mean.
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