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Returning After 10 Year Hiatus

About 10 years ago, I started DE shaving and really enjoyed the idea of it in general and also the cost savings. Over the course of one whole year though, I could never get it right. I tried countless different razors, products, and preps and I continued to get sub-par shaves, ingrown hairs, and razor burn. I never got any of that with cartridges, ever!

I finally decided to give up the razor after that year, but I kept using the cream and brush for a few months. Going back to carts was like Heaven. Then one day I realized that there is no way the brush is making my one-day-stubble "stand up" to get a better shave. So, I quit the brush too.

What brought me back? The carts are so dang expensive...and I had an epiphany. I have to shave 5 days a week (military) and my main shaver was a Red Tip. I always thought I needed a mildly-aggressive razor since my hair is like copper wire and very thick. My realization was that yes...my hair is thick and tough, but since I'm shaving every single day maybe a mild razor would be better? I have the mildest Henson razor on the way with a pack of Sharks and some Tabac cream. I won't use a brush again, it's just too much exfoliation every single day. At least for me. Wish me luck!
Welcome back to the forum. I also recently returned after a long hiatus, although I was DE shaving during my break from B&B.

Coming back and examining my techniques, I realized I was causing needless irritation by daily face lathering and really “scrubbing,” with the brush. I shave daily now and the lather bowl spares me from “brush burn.” I can press as hard as I want, or scrub and whip vigorously in the bowl without sanding off my face!

I got my first Red Tip recently. Like you, I initially thought daily shaving would be better with a mild razor (like the Flare Tip Super Speed). However I’ve found that aggressive razors allow me to complete shaves in fewer passes, reducing blade irritation. The feel of the Red Tip is not as smooth as my modern GameChanger, and the GC is equally (if not more) aggressive/efficient. I think the blade is clamped better in the modern razor. In any case, don’t be afraid of aggression, if you end up experimenting outside of the Henson.

Again, welcome back.
Glad you've joined, welcome! As you restart your journey, take your time & work on getting good technique. Using a double edge razor is different than using a cart razor. With the de razor, do not apply any pressure against your face. Zero pressure. If you press, that can very likely cause razor burn & you won't have a pleasant shaving experience. Just lay the razor against your face & let gravity pull the razor down while keeping the razor against your skin. It takes time but you'll get it! And when you do, besides saving money, you'll be loving your shaves. What once was a daily chore will become a daily "me time".

There are lots of good folks here, so read up, ask questions, get to know us, & enjoy your journey!!!
Welcome back. Another razor that may help with angle is a Gem. Sure its old school and the blades are SE not DE, but the angle is pretty much fool proof. Put the razor flat on your face, Raise it a touch then shave. Just an idea as Im more into the vintage.
Welcome back and persevere with improving your technique and great shaves will be your reward. Good preparation is also important.
I wish you the best of luck with the Henson. It is lightweight and shaves similarly to a cartridge razor.
Also back to the Forum after a layoff, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised by the additional brand options and scent options within brands you already know.
Excellent choice on the Henson, perfect for your situation! Be sure to try a Wizamet and Nacet blade in it, great combo.
Well, I had my first shave tonight and it was "kinda OK". Definitely not as good as with my Mach 3 and I have some irritation and weepers. Yes, it's my first shave after 10 years, but I really feel some beards and faces are just not suited for DE's.

Yeah, it's all anyone had "back in the day", but in my opinion there were a lot of guys walking around with sub-par shaves and irritation all the time back then as well. I really bought-in to the overwhelming marketing that "safety razors are from Heaven and anything else is inferior." I never ever ever ever got ingrown hairs, razor burn or cuts with carts...DE's were always a nightmare even after trying for an entire year.

Each individual hair of mine is just so thick and tough, it just doesn't work out for me having to shave every day. I couldn't get my technique down for over a year, and I'm not really inclined to try again for that long. Sorry for the negative post, most of all I'm just bummed. At least I can still use the nicer creams and soaps!
I too have returned from a 5 year hiatus. I'm not sure if I was ever a member here though, but I do remember going though a whole lot of posts. Although I use a straight as opposed to a DE, its still as good as I remembered.

i came back though a fluke. It just so happened that ya know that little bar that you move up and down to block your sink? Well, my sink wouldn't block anymore, and it was because that thing rotted right off ( which incidentally scares the hell out of me thinking on the quality of my water).

But anyway, in repairing that, I found my mug of straights and had a full jar of soap and my scuttles. I remember ordering the scuttles from a woman who did pottery as a hobby, and they were quality too. I remember it was tough ordering from her because she got backed up with orders. I think she still does it too.

The two gentlemen who helped me then were Lynn and Larry. I see Larry from whipped dog still has his site, but I do not see Lynn,sadly.

i just couldn't find my brush stand or any of my brushes, and I still suck at honing, but trying.

So I sent 3 of my favorite straights to get honed, bought a few quality brushes, and here I am. I forgot how much i liked the warm lather and the gazillion scents they offer in shaving soaps, the warm pre-shave oil, and the cool aftershaves.

it took about 3 shaves and I was back. Touching one of those things to your face takes a minute to get used to, bur its like riding a bike. I'm still getting a little razor burn, but I think I just have to slow down.

edit: All of you are as cool and knowledgeable as I remember.

so now I'm hooked again.

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