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Returned From the Ether!

I've had an interesting experience recently. Decades ago my father gave me a Geo. F. Trumper Pure Badger brush. I think it was made by Simpson. It was my "daily driver" for years. Somewhere along the line a couple of the letters in the printing on it were partially rubbed off and that made it a bit distinctive - to me anyhow. About 20 years ago I had my bag with this brush in it stolen while on a business trip to San Francisco.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I was poking around ebay and stumbled on a brush matching this description precisely. "No way - it can't be" I thought to myself but I had to buy it obviously. When I unpacked it I had an immediate jolt of recognition: "hey, it's my long-lost brush!" Now, I do get that it could be just from the same batch and the batch had a defect where parts of the r and z in "Curzon" didn't adhere properly or something like that.....maybe that's more likely in fact? I don't know - it sure seems like my brush. The handle is right, the knot is right. As wildly unlikely as it seems, I think this is my old brush magically returned to me from the ether.....

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FarmerStan the Man
My friend, the fact that your father gave you that makes it priceless.

About the only thing I am sure that I have of my Dad's that is shave related is that I get to stand in the exact same place he did when I'd stand on the "terlit" and watch him shave!

I often wonder what he may have been thinking.... worries? Cares? Or like me, nuttin' much at all...

Your story brought a little bit of tears to my eye. My son is getting married in a few days, and his first shave was in that same spot.

You are one BLESSED man, whether you know it or not my friend!
Thanks guys!

It's actually a bit of a weird feeling - like a friendly ghost has arrived or something.

I'm fortunate to have a lot of my dad's old stuff but this is the only shave item, I think. I do have HIS father's razor but I think the last time my dad switched to cartridges he just chucked his safety razor. The "old homestead" got sold a few years ago - it was up against the mountain in Boulder, Colorado and became incredibly valuable when the real estate market went nuts after 2008. My mom never has to worry about bills in her old age, but I do miss it.

Congratulations to your son, Dave!

Chris - KE0OIC
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If you deserve it, the universe will serve it! Funny how some things work out. May you have many good shaves to come.
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