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Restoring Vintage Blades

Hi All. I am looking at the good ole fleabay, and even a couple of flea markets in my area, and find myself somewhat in shock at the vast number of vintage blades out there, along with the wide price/condition range. I'd like to pick something up to try out restoring. Something weathered, but not trash. Are there any particular brands to avoid? Any that one would recommend? Anything one should look out for when picking up a vintage blade? Sorry if this is all pretty common stuff, but I am pretty new to this world.
You can find what you are looking for in the Shave Library. I dont know if I can link it. But search these 2 terms separately:

“Good StraightRazor Brands”
“Brands of Straight Razors to Avoid”
Thanks for the info. I found the lists you mentioned. I don't think I saw any of those in the listings I saw. Found some other info from other forum posts too which should help in selecting a blade or two to play with.

Congrats on your GD 66 mod win! I'll be jumping in next year. My tester 66 should be here tomorrow.
Thanks so much.

I promise you can do it with a dremel and a modest set of tools.

So, everybody and their brother had a razor brand. A safe way to start is to look for razors from Solingen Germany or Sheffield England. Then you can concentrate on the condition of the blade. There’s a ton of good $15 razors out there.
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How in depth of a restoration are you wanting to dive into? I have an abundance of projects laying about. PM me your address and I'll send one your way, if you want.

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I have 2 set aside for you. A Wostenholm pipe razor (blade only) and a Robeson Shuredge. I PM'd you some pics.

P.S.- I would use the Robeson as a "practice" piece and the Wostenholm as a restoration to use and pass down. Just my .02.

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My first efforts with SR were buying a big lot of old rusty straights off ebay. I then traded half of them to a member I trusted for one that was shave ready, and I used that as a bench mark when I started working on the others.
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