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Restoring a Meer

Hey guys,

So I am not a newbie to restoring pipes. For the last year or so I have been restoring all sorts of pipes. The only thing is, I have only ever restored briar pipes. The other day however, when I was at a swap meet, there was a guy selling a bunch of pipes for $10 a piece. Most were pretty easy to pass on but I did pick up a few. One of them that I picked up was a meerschaum. It is really cool. I can post pictures later if people like.

My problem is that I have 0 experience with meers. I havent ever restored one, I dont know how to take care of one, I havent even ever smoked one. My guess is that I can do a lot of the same things I would with a briar, however I am sure that there are some obvious differences (I feel like I shouldnt salt/alcohol treat it?!?!). Do any of you guys have any experience?! Help me out!


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I have some info in the sticky regarding Meerschaum Pipes. I need to update it - though I have a water clean up to satisfy the 'only smoke 'em while wearing a glove' crowd. But I've come to believe, after thorough testing on a nice back cut lattice of my own, that regular cleaning with alcohol is the best way to go just no S/A treatment that could leach the mineral. So I need to update it with that and some pictures. But the steps are all the same and it covers re-waxing as well.
Here are some pics for you guys. I started restoring some stuff. The stem is almost done and the bowl is pretty much completely cleaned out. Let me know what you guys think about it so far!

$IMG_6803.jpg $IMG_6804.jpg $IMG_6805.jpg $IMG_6806.jpg


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Beautiful pipe there! I have a Meer on it's way from the 'bay, may or may-not require restoration, we'll see.
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