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Restored Fuller Brush

Bought a vintage Fuller off EBay for $6 with a boar knot.
Washed it a couple of times and no bad smell!
Only used it once and it was a poor performer so I drilled out the knot and epoxyed a Maggard's 22mm Timberwolf synthetic.

1. Original knot
2. Knot drilled out
3. Brush handle and new knot
4. Timberwolf synthetic installed

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Thanks for all your kind words.
This is only my second brush restoration.
I wouldn't have attempted it without the information and help here on B&B.

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You have the best screen name ever my friend.
Thanks - glad you like it!
We used to live in Shark River Hills a small community on the NJ shore. My father-in-law who has since passed jokingly called it Sharktown and it has stuck ever since.

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Nice work! How do you like the knot?
Since I just finished it I haven't used it yet. I have tried in a brush pass around a Maggard's Tuxedo knot that was awesome, very soft with good backbone.
I will report back after the first use.

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Used the brush for the first time this morning and it is so soft on the face, just like silk.
I would like more backbone to the knot but still like it and need to use it more.
The lather making and splay are great too.
Just bought a vintage Peerless and waiting for it to get delivered. Will use a synthetic on this one too.

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Thanks for the review.
You might set the knot a little deeper on the next one to increase backbone.
I did think about setting the knot deeper and I drilled a couple of times and set the knot in to check it.
Thought I had it enough at 7/16" deep - oh well, the next one will be a little bit deeper!

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