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Restoration on a Ever Ready 100T

Hello everyone,

I finished up work on an Ever Ready 100T tonight. I put a TGN 22mm Master Silver tip knot in it and I’m pretty satisfied. This is my 2nd complete restore. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve had a lot of fun. I know there is so much more to learn and I’m looking forward to it. The lettering is very difficult for me and I have a hard time deciding what knot loft is good but hopefully I’ll get better with practice. I also worry about how snug or loose the knot should settle in but so far I’ve had little to no gap before applying the epoxy. Here are some pics.

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Excellent! I just refinished 2 EverReady’s and a “Buffalo”.
A silk smoke and faux horse from AP Shave and a 2 band from Maggard.
All are 24 mm. I was pleasantly surprised with all the knots. I especially like the Silk Smoke. E909DAAC-C32E-40F6-B023-65AE9DBD6820.jpeg 6AD5B8BB-0770-4BD3-A2A7-6C9C5FC60F00.jpeg 7A5AB31F-6ED1-4B36-90DD-53D1F2CC311B.jpeg F0C0C180-5034-424F-82EF-629B3D39F790.jpeg