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Restoration of my RSO

Way back when I tried my hand at making razors I hand forged this piece of 5160 into a One piece RSO it's 5/8 and the blade is approximately 2 1/2" long. The grind is a 1/4 hollow. Now that I have a better grasp of how to hone I re-set the bevel and took her through the progression of film from 30um-.3um here are some pics. First one during honing.IMG_20191010_183946.jpg
Next one of final edge.191010_195214.jpg
Next couple before test shave, which will happen shortly after this post, then I'll post results on SOD, and TABACTOBER thread.IMG_20191010_201139__01.jpgIMG_20191010_201235__01__01__01.jpg