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Responsive design for website?

This may be a limitation of the software that B+B is built on top of, but I'm wondering if a more responsive design can be implemented here (both from a technical side as well as the amount of programming resources needed.)

Quick translation for non-techies : responsive design means that the site adapts itself to the screen or window it's presented in, adjusting how it's presented so that the maximum information possible is always displayed. Right now, if the B+B site is too wide for a given screen (or window on that screeen), you get annoying scroll bars and big portions of the screen left and right are not visible at the same time. A responsive design would scale down what's displayed and/or how it's displayed to always fit on the screen. :001_cool:


I get the same view on my phone and tablet (Android LG). The information fits both screens the same. I use full site view on both.


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You may want to turn off the backround images in your control panel.
That will give you more content area displayed.


We're working on this and a great many other improvements right now. Hopefully to launch this year some time!
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