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Researching Holsters is worse than a newbie researching soaps, blades and brushes!


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
If I had to do it again, I would order the Tulster kydex holster that @OkieStubble recommends. I value his opinions on the matter more than my lack of experience.

I dunno about that. The pic of your holster with the claw looked pretty good, I’m just not a claw guy. But there is something to be said about reviews that have a good consensus; and @Climb14er and myself both like the Tulster. :)


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
I definitely agree; however, Philster, Keeper's Concealment and the RCS Eidolon are absolutely the best for AIWB. Regular 3-4 o'clock carry, there isn't much substantive difference, as long as they're using the same weight of kydex.

I agree with this guy on a aiwb holster @Kentos . I think since the weather climate in Hawaii for temperatures will keep you mostly In T-shirts and Polos, along with the local political climate of needing deeper concealment, @Rob72 suggestion of ‘The Philster’ AIWB is going to give you the best of all worlds In function, fit, form and the best concealment. It’s probably the most expensive one of the lot also, but hey, you’re worth it. :)


Dirty Donuts are so Good.
You should YouTube the Philster holster and checkout some videos on its fit and wear instructions. I think you will find it very interesting.

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I guess I have to ask... CT?

I'm selling opinions 3 for $1.00. Buy 5 get 1 free! :)
🤔 Abbreviation for "Connecticut," of course.

Holsters really will drive you nuts. Pocket holsters add bulk. Kydex takes your bluing off. Beautiful, hand-fitted leather costs as much as a divorce. All of them pull your pants down. Shoulder holsters don't, but only work in winter... I have a baldric rig that works fantastic, but I look like an extra from a sci-fi movie... Chest rig is great - if you're in Alaskan backcountry...

1970s LEO and gun writer Skeeter Skelton favored "Mexican Carry," a no-holster waistband option of sticking a 1911 down the flat of your hip. Does indeed work, if your jeans fit perfect and the geometry of the gun corresponds...

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