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Request for a new sub forum - G.O.M.L.

In the history of this site, there has always been an understanding when requesting a new sub forum that "if they come, we will build it"

On that basis, I propose a new sub to the Clown House - the Grumpy Old Men Luau
This would provide a secure environment for those curmudgeons to air their grumblings, misgivings about the youth of today, grousing about the internet and complaints about how life was better when all they had was a stick to play with, if they were lucky.

One cannot deny that the volume is there. They have already come, give them their hallowed lawn.


On a serious note.. we are looking at something along these lines.
More info after my nap.


George Bailey Fanboy
I volunteer to be the "yeast" in this experimental bread, though I am afraid of clowns. I never allow them to play on my lawn.
You were lucky! We had a spoonful of cold gravel for breakfast and had to live in a shoebox in the middle of the road!