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Replating Resources?

Hi All,

I have a Gillette "New" Short Comb that I want replated- I believe its 18k gold. Can someone please recommend a good resource for replating? Preferably someone that B&B members know and trust.

Thanks Much,

I believe many people here know and trust Chris at razorplate.com. I bought a replated razor from sportshaving.com, which was nice, so they might be worth investigating too.
Chris at Razorplate resurrected my Fatboy. Top notch work and a pleasure to deal with.


++ Chris did my New SC and wow was I impressed. Same as yours it was the gold plated. I had it done in nickel and boy it sure looks nice. Well worth the wait if he is backed up.
Is anyone familiar with Sport Shaving's replate services? Do they do quality work? Ive been offered a razor they replated and am considering buying it. But I am only able to see photos, not the razor itself.
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