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Replates now avaliable at Above the Tie

Replates are now available at Above the Tie. Go the link below and check them out.


Stan, are you handling the replating in-house?
I am subcontracting with someone. This is the first batch and I am very pleased with his work. I believe others will be as well. I have been working on this for some time. Sad to say there were a few trial razors sent to various "platers" that did not survive the acid bath. This plater was new to me.
Will you be offering replating of customers razors?
And will you accept small children as payment?
I have two grand kids now, hat's enough. LOL. We have no plans to have customers send us razors. However, I have considered having some inventory on hand so someone could choose a razor and he finish they wanted. Also we may offer our ATT stainless razors with the ability to have it plated for an additional charge. For example you could have a Kronos M1 plated in Gold etc.
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