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Replate or not help??

I’m not really a proponent of replating vintage razors except for razors that may degrade if not protected by the plating. Just my opinion, what people do with their own razors is their own business.

Anyway, I’ve got a LeCoq Licence Palmer that’s in ok shape but is missing almost all of the plating on the baseplate and some plating on the cap. I would be tempted to try replating myself save for a few facts (1) never replated anything before, not that this would stop me (2) have no replating equipment, not that this would stop me (3) there are multiple metals on this razor and that complicates things (4) I don’t want to screw up or ruin the razor.

So my question is this. Can anyone recommend an EXCELLENT resource/vendor to properly replate this razor?? Or someone I can talk to about replating this razor?? Currently it’s got a brass or bronze cap with chrome or nickel plating, a zinc (I think) baseplate and handle with chrome or nickel plating, a steel spring (I think) with a brass or bronze ferrule at the top to provide pressure on the cap, a brass or bronze turn knob partially plated with chrome or nickel.

Your help in providing a recommendation is appreciated.

fullsizeoutput_2b5.jpeg IMG_0887.JPG IMG_0888.JPG IMG_0889.JPG

Problem with zamak is that it's very soft. The previous plating can't be properly removed, pitting can't be properly cleaned, so plating will stick to it, but it's almost a waste of money, as damaged areas will still be unplated. I tried replating zamak objects in nickel, so it's my own experience.
I'm currently looking for a way to replace zamak with brass, but figuring out wether it works or not will take a few weeks.
Nice LeCoq, interesting how the inventor thought a central spring is enough to tension the blade.

Ok, so it's been a couple weeks that I spent contacting some local replating businesses and then not getting any replies. Several of the mail away razor centric replating/refurbishing businesses aren't able to do this work. Just this morning I started re-contacting the local businesses again and I was able to find one business that is not too far away say that they could do the work if I completely take the razor apart and any pieces I don't want plated I not bring them. They will strip, polish, and replate in either chrome or nickel - my choice. I'd prefer nickel but this razor was originally chrome plated and I"m thinking I'd like to stay as original as I can (replate not withstanding).

So I have a couple questions to those who are familiar with this razor, LeCoq Licence Palmer....
1. Does the spring at the top of the handle/plate come out? Mine seems to be in there pretty good; I don't want to ruin the spring trying to pull it out by over pulling/forcing it out and warping the spring. Any ideas how best to remove the spring without ruining it?
2. The "gauge" on knob that goes on the bottom of the handle (see pics 2 - 4 with original post) and screws everything together seems to be part of that bottom knob. This "gauge" is brass and not plated (at least on mine is not plated) and the knob is plated. I've seen video's of this razor where that "gauge" is loose and rotates freely apart from the knob. Is that how this should work? Should I be able to remove that "gauge" from the knob? If so, what is the best way to separate the "gauge" from the knob??
Most re-plating services won't touch zamak. I've not ever heard or read of that being done successfully?
Ok, so I think I can close this out. Had a pm discussion with Adam @romsitsa and David @REV579. I think I understand things a little better than before and as long as I properly maintain the razor following each shave, I shouldn't have an issue with it as-is. I may still re-plate but not until I can give the re-plating company an item made from Zamak and see how they do replating it before I give them the razor.
I do some brush plating with nickel. Nickel won't plate directly to Zamak, you have to plate with copper/brass first.

I like working with nickel-plated brass vintage razors. I haven't figure out how to easy plate either zamak razors or chrome-plated razors acceptably. But nickel plated brass is simple.
Afaik, there is no way to plate over chrome, so it has to be stripped, with, for eg. muriatic acid. This will get rid of the chrome but won’t hurt the underlying nickel.

With zamak the only problem is getting a surface worth replating, this is the real hard part. If the zamak was chrome plated, I don’t think there is a viable option for a decent replate.