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Replacing a knot

I have a Bob Farvour 2 band badger brush. Handle dimensions are 60mm and the current knot is 25mm with a 50mm loft.
It is an exceptional performer and is by far my favourite brush. However, For a while now (about 6mths) I have been noticing a couple of stray hairs each shave. Brush still performs great, but I do wonder if i should try to replace the knot.
I have not been able to find replacement 25mm knots, but have found replacement knots at 24mm and 26mm.
What size would people recommend?
I agree with the above post.

I have found 25 mm knots, but they are not common. I would be inclined to use a 26 mm knot if I could not find a 25. You may need to expand the hole a little with a Dremel drum sander.

But enjoy the brush as is until the hair loss becomes severe enough to be annoying.
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