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Replacement shavette

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I like the half blade shavettes, with Feather DE blades. I have tried the swing back style AliExpress/Ebay ones from China with the teardrop cutouts in the scales, and they are pretty good, without exception. I do NOT like the slide-in type shavettes. My favorite type of shavette is the half DE blade type that is styled after the Artist Club folders. I have one no-name one bought off AliExpress along with another that uses the long AC blades, and I have another sold under the Facon brand. Both are excellent, and both are cheap. The Feather Hi-Stainless DE blades are cheap enough when you buy by the hundred. If you find the sharpness of these blades to be over the top, you can cork them, one pass through a regular wine cork. That tames them a bit but I find them okay right out of the pack. Keep the shave angle low, stretch the skin good, use good lather, light pressure, and you won't have any complaints about the shave. Me, I am NOT paying 50 cents for a throwaway blade. But 20 cents for a blade that I can break in two, for 5 to 7 shaves from each half, I am cool with that. I actually use a straight for 99% of my shaves, but the shavettes, along with my last surviving DE, are still there. Oh, and my Schick Injector. My favorite shower shaver for when I am really in a hurry and need to multitask.
A lot of good info you all have posted, thank you. It has given me a lot to think about. I think in time I will have a small collection of shavettes.
I don't have a lot of "time in grade" but I can say I'm not as happy with my Parker 1/2DE. In fact, it's been relegated to the kitchen for slashing bread loaves before baking, which also uses up a large number of Feather blades I was piffed a couple of years ago. Works well there.

I think my favourite 1/2DE at the moment is the Focus Slim Al. It's close to your price point. The only thing you may wish to confirm with one is that it can use your boxed half-blades. I understand sometimes those are slightly thicker than a full DE blade, and some razors are built to use the bent part where the blade was snapped as a tensioning strategy.

Aside from that, might be a good choice.

How well does the Dovo hold the blade? There does not seem to be any discernable locking mechanism on the shavettes themselves.
The Dovo usually comes with both the holders to accept the half DE and proprietary blades. It is a very good quality razor. If you like a heavier holder, the Dovo is not the one, it's very light.
Swing-lock TDJ razors are quite heavyweight, I’ve seen many Amazon reviewer’s video that the clasp is too wide to secure a blade. If it got that problem squeeze the clasp the front, mid and rear, sometimes the clasp is loose right after leaving the factory.
One more vote for the Half-DE Chinese shavette that's sometimes referred as KureNai GF35 (but it actually doesn't come with any branding).
It's this one in the photo by @Sisyphos
Aliexpress find. Excellent shaver !

Things to note:
1) Don't get the maggard's version, it has more blade exposure.
2) It can be a PITA to put the blade in (at least for me).

I've got a bunch of shavettes, including AC Style and this is (as of right now) still my favorite.
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