Repaired "new" Wacker 7/8 in bone

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    A member here was selling his new Wacker jungmeister in 7/8 and bone scales. The bone, being bone, had moved and the blade was no longer centered. One had to carefully center it by hand to avoid hitting the edge.

    The owner had bought it new and only used it a few times.

    I bought it at a discount as I knew I'd have to fix the scale problem. I spoke to Alfred, doc226, about a fix and he thought he could help it. No guarantees, but I took a chance.

    I had the member mail it directly to doc226 to align the scales and to hone it on his jnat.

    Picked it up today. Alfred redid the pins and improved the fit as much as he could, but as he said, it will always need care in folding it. After all, it is bone.

    In terms of honing the steel, Alfred said it took an edge well. It should, it's a new Wacker.

    Wow, it is beautiful. I don't mind being careful in folding it. Bone scales are like dating a model. Easy on the eyes, but hard on the nerves.

    It treetopped well. Forearm hair jumped onto the blade like suicidal lemmings rushing over a cliff. I expect diamond balsa sharpness tomorrow. It's cool that you can achieve this with a rock. I'm an ark guy, not a jnat guy, so this will be interesting.

    Looking forward to shaving tomorrow. I'll let you know, my brothers.

    Pictures below.


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  1. It looks like horn to me.
  2. Beautiful razor. Enjoy.

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  3. MO1


    Beautiful razor! Looking forward to your report! I'm a kind of jnat and ark guy lol. But I always look to improve my honing on jnats!
  4. Well, this morning's shave was lovely.

    This was a very different feel. It was my first Wacker and also my first jnat edge, believe it or not, so I don't know if the different feeling was from the steel or the jnat edge or how they worked together.

    Very different sound. My fili 14 is also a real singer, really gives off sounds. This wacker is also a large blade and super thin, so it makes sense that it would sing. But totally different sound. Higher pitch, and louder.

    It was sharp. The edge had a papery light crispness to it. Is that what all jnat edges feel like? It felt, I don't know, it felt very "alive".

    I've never been one to go on about details of an edge before. I've always felt like that guy at the wine tasting, when everyone is going "ah, I'm getting notes of leather and wood smoke" while I'm just thinking "uh, it tastes like nice wine to me...."

    But this time I was able to tell that this edge had a different feel, and more than just how sharp it was.

    It wasn't sharp the way a feather blade in a shavette is sharp. The feather is so sharp it gives no feedback and you know it will happily surprise you and cut you if you don't pay attention. This Wacker did give some feedback, so I would say it's not as sharp as a feather. Which to me, is actually good.

    I did WTG then rinsed and checked. Nice shave, plenty good enough to stop there and go to the office.

    Then lathered and XTG. Rinsed and checked, and now BBS. Which is good for two passes.

    No need for a third pass ATG, but I"m enjoying this so went ahead anyway. I'm now probably exfoliating too much skin and the aftershave will be a bit fiery but whatever.

    Took my time on the ATG.

    What surprised me on the ATG was I'm still getting sound. I had BBS after two passes so there should not be stubble left, right? Nope. Loud "scriiiitch scriiiitch" as I rise the blade up my cheeks. So it was still removing stubble.

    Rinsed. Sure enough, the aftershave was a bit hot. But that's ok.

    Very happy with the purchase and with Alfred's work on it.
  5. Oh, I should also say I shaved right out of the box, with no leather at all. I wanted to really feel that edge with no gentling from a leather strop.

    I' guessing that tomorrow's shave, after attention with leather, may have a bit less of the "crispness". We'll see.

    When I say "crisp" by the way, that's not a bad thing. Another word for that feeling could be "lively". Also good.

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