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Repainting numbers on Gillette adjustable

I have a beautiful '58 Fatboy that is only missing one thing to be mint - the paint in the adjustment dial numbers is no longer there. I assume it once had black paint. Has anyone repainted their numbers, and have any advice. I am not sure what kind of paint, or technique. Seems like you could pretty easily wipe away the excess while paint is still wet because the numbers are recessed.
That how I did it. I had some gloss black rustoleum and painted over the numbers, letting the paint fill then. The I took a rag made out of thin fabric like an old sheet stretched it over my fore finger and wiped off the excess paint. Then when the paint was dry I wiped off any paint that I'd miss with the rag with a little paint thinner on it.
If anybody would know how to do it, it would be cooncatbob- so follow his advice and enjoy your 'mint' fatboy! :wink:

Excellent advice. I'm going to have to try that with my new/old adjustable.

Something to do on a Sunday afternoon for sure. :wink:
thanks, cooncatbob! sounds like I have a perfect project today while watching football (and laughing at the Fusion commercials every 10 minutes)!
wow, that took all of 15 minutes and looks great! I scrounged some gloss black spray paint, an art brush, and paper towel. made a puddle on some newspaper with the paint and dabbed it on with the brush. waited a few mins and wiped it off with the paper towel, and ta da... thanks again, cooncatbob!
Kudos to you cooncatbob.

I followed your directions and it worked flawlessly. There was literally no paint in any of the numbers when I started. The razor now looks like it just came out of the original packaging.

You know your stuff sir!
They do also make paint sticks, they look much like fat crayons. I have used them before to fill in markings on various meatal parts.

I also went the rustoleum route on my fatboy with great success. Having recessed numbers really makes the wiping off part MUCH easier. Thanks, cooncatbob!
I have a Silver and Black Gillette Adjustable Safety Razor. The handle part of the razor is black and it is fading. Please tell me how to paint the black razor handle so that it can look "like New". The black numbers on the dial are also fading! can i use the same paint on both the numbers on the dials and the handle? any advice would be apreciatted! Sincerely, elkabon
I just repainted the numbers on a fatboy with black nail polish! the little brush worked well and the clean up was very easy with nail polish remover and a cotton makeup remover from SWMBO's kit - the nail polish is mine, I bought it for this job. got some nice cherry red too that I will use on some others.
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