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I've moved some things around the shave den. I tried to make some space and to ensure I can find the stuff I want when I want it.
I've made a concerted effort to avoid acquisition disorder but stuff does seem to accumulate.
20181016_113810.jpg 20181016_113755.jpg 20181016_113818.jpg 20181017_210702.jpg 20181016_113830.jpg
Very nice! I like the look & organization.

You must be one of the following:
1) Married & have a saint for a wife that shares the same bathroom with you.
2) Married & have a separate bathroom for your shave den.
3) Are single.
The mirror was a vintage ebay find. I was looking for a recessed one with built in blade disposal. Didn't see one I liked. I saw this one and loved it.
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