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Removing water marks / discoloration

I recently bought this razor and was wondering if there is a way I can remove the discoloration (water marks?) ...

Thanks v much
If they're water spots a little white vinegar should get rid of them quickly.

What method would you recommend?

Soak overnight, spray on etc?

Also straight vinegar or mixture with water?

I have a Super-speed that I believe has water stops. Can't get rid of them.

You can try some plain white ammonia and a toothbrush, this works pretty good and will not hurt your razor. You need the scrubbing action from the toothbrush bristles to agitate the surface a little bit, do not use any kind of power cleaner like a dremel tool, it builds up too much heat and if you use a chemical cleaner make sure it says good for brass or stainless on it, the white vinegar is a good idea too. good luck bc
Straight vinegar with a toothbrush. No need to soak. If they are water spots it'll take care of them in a minute or less.
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