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Removing the gold wash from a GEM pushbutton

I have a '60s GEM pushbutton and the gold finish is pretty worn. I'd rather just remove all of it to make it look better. I know that I can polish it off, but that may not get all the little nooks and crannies. Is there anything I can soak it in or something to help remove all the gold finish?
Interesting. I have one that I recieved bundled with the purchase of two Old Spice mugs, now I am interested in removing the gold finish too! I suscribe.
I know this will remove some of the lose Gold residual and clean the razor at the same time. When I get a gold finished razor and want to keep it that way I will only give a light scrub with Weiman stove top cleaner (they make brass cleaner also, possibly the same stuff) followed with a water wash quickly afterwards with minimal gold removed and the razor is cleaned. My cleaning method is not recommend by some folks who are collectors but I'm a bit of a germ phobic possibly.
This stuff cleans the toughest stains, oils and green brass oxides fast with a tooth brush, you can also use some pot scrubber green scotchbrite with the Weiman and that will difinitely remove gold wash (I had some rough looking Schicks & Gem Clog pruf- Peerless model with light gold wash but was filthy with baked on oils) , you might have to repeat a few cycles to get the desired finish. You more than likely have it in your house for cleaning your glass stove top.
I like to wear neoprene gloves because it removes natural hand oils and will dry your skin out.
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Have some great shaves!