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Remington Model 721

I was Lucky Enough to Inherit a Remington model 721 30-06 that belonged to my wife's grandfather. It was made in March 1955. The Bausch and Lomb 2.5X8 scope was made in 1958.

Wonderful trigger, can't wait to shoot it.


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Wonderful to have a firearm from your Granddad.

Edit: your wife's granddad, but still quite special. I would give just about anything to have one of my Granddad's guns. Sadly, I never had the opportunity. He was a great man and incredible hunter.

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That looks like a well seasoned bambi slaying MACHINE!
Nice score. Tempered by the sense of loss of a family member.

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Very nice! The precursor to the model 700.

I have Dad's 721, and the barrel markings put it at 1954 if I remember right. It has a Weaver (I think) fixed 4 power scope on it. It's a deer harvesting little number.

Great rifle...you're gonna love it.
Nice old gun, I have only seen one, around 45 years ago. A friend had one in .222 Rem. I think it was the predecessor to the M 700.
oh, yeah - I have one that my dad gave to me and I think it was passed on to me also. But I think the short gun is old enough to be called an old ammo. model 870 WingMaster all purpose marine magnum. mounted a four power scope to it. It is a great gun.

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Fine rifle!

Can't say "fine old rifle," since my '03 is fixin' to be 100 years old (in 2018) and I refuse to consider it old, really.

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