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Remember those 60mm wide half-decent Chinese strops?


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I started using these 60mm calf-hide strops in my early SR days. They were relatively cheap, worked well and I was not to upset as I cut them up while learning. I kept one in good condition (not cut up too much) as my travel strop.

Early this month I ordered another from Titan and expected the same. I was very disappointed. The calf-hide leather for these strops was previously about 1.5mm thick. The leather is still the same calf-hide but the thickness has been reduced to about 0.8mm.


The thickness of 0.8mm is still usable for me but only just. I would not recommend them, particularly to a n00bie and I definitely will not be buying any again.

I have another similar (but not the same) strop from a different supplier on its way. This strop is of comparable cost so it will be interesting to compare. I will report back here in this thread.

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Typical. Okay, we are moving a lot of these things, so now let's see if we can lower our costs and increase our profits. Same thing happened with our Pakistani ebay friend, thexbay. His strops were cheap and at least usable. Then they weren't usable anymore. I bet he is wondering why sales have fallen off so much. I probably bought a couple dozen of those just to give away with razors. They are not worth giving or receiving, now.
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