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Reliable Knot Sources

As in if it says silver tip, you actually get a silver tip knot. Seen some cheap sources online, but don't know about them.
Maggard's carry pretty accurate knots. I haven't heard much about their silvertip but I hear a lot of good things about their SHD 2-band knots.

Also, I hear that The Golden Nib carries some nice silvertip knots.

As for me, I have only one silvertip from Yaqi and it's fantastic. Don't know much about other sources though.
The Golden Nib
Whipped Dog
Virginia Sheng

ACE is my most common source but I have bought from all above. Recently I wanted a 26 mm X 70+ mm Silvertip. ACE had one custom made for me a year or two ago but turned me down this time. I was pleasently surprised that Virginia Sheng had one and it's on its way.
TGN silvertip is legit, and completely different from their finest. The only other silvertip I’ve bought is from Shave Revolution which closed down some time ago. Damn shame, both the silvertip and the finest two band are my favorite knots.
The last two knots I bought (a synthetic "silvertip" and a 20mm super badger) were from Shave Forge and I have another coming. Both were exactly as advertised and prices are very fair.

Rudy Vey

Shavemac also sells their high quality knots to end users. They offer a total of 6 different grades, including four silvertip grades (2 x two-band, 2 x three-band).
I like the boar knots I’ve gotten from Shave Forge. But if anyone knows where I can get Omega boar knots, I want to hear!
I like the boar knots I’ve gotten from Shave Forge. But if anyone knows where I can get Omega boar knots, I want to hear!
Might as well get them out of a cheap Omega brush. Heck, I have one that cost me all of $5 earlier this year with a 24mm knot. You can’t hardly buy a knot alone for that price. I’ve seen people break and discard the handles and keep the knot for a nicer handle.
Virginia Sheng
Golden Nib

I have purchased over a 100 from Virginia Sheng...and some from Delong. All Silvertip.

I have had one shedder thus far.

There have been some inconsistencies with the plugs themselves, and corresponding glue bumps, but overall,
I mean the hair itself...I can't tell the difference between them.

Customer service from Virginia Sheng and Delong has been good so far. I made a mistake on an order and
it was corrected quickly...so far no problems really. Be advised I have not ordered for at least 6 months.