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Reknotting a brush guy

Once upon a time I glued a knot from another brush in my brush guy they somehow did not like each other so it was crooked now figuring out what brush to order at Ali to reknot it and make sure it is not tilted

the hole is 26 so brush should be 24. Would want fan knot and either a very good synthetic or a superb badger..... decisions
And importing from us is way to expensive


I look forward to hearing how you like the Uomo knot.
Not sure if I would be the right person. This is my first natural knot since years and I never had a high end badger knot. So for me it is comparing with several different synthetics (plisson, tuxedo, boss) which might or might not give it an edge
Package of the lotus manchurian shd arrived.
No idea how they should feel normally this one is stif and scritchy compared to my synthetics so I assume that after properly seating it it needs some work outs to come in true shape


This morning I rinsed the brush down loaded it up wit stirling Tsuka
Started to lather in a bowl
Wt... where did my lather go!
Reloaded, same
Did a face lather which I normally find lackluster with a synth and holy moly it face lathers and it does it soft gentle luxurious no scritch or scratch.. I know I am going to like this brush...

Ended with a nice bbs shave and it is now hanging to dry....
I liked the brush a lot so started a job on a second one

-steaming a knot mounted by brush guy loose does not work afaik
-the acrylic was getting bendable which made me call a 🛑 ✋
-just cut the knot flat
-worked my dremel through
-glued knot in

so now I have 2 lotus knots and look at the bloom after and before use


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