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Rehydrate old cream?

Hello everyone,

I have a tub of AOS Sandalwood that I haven't used for almost a year. Consequently, it's dry. Is there any way to get it to semi-usable? I used it tonight and mixed a little water directly into the tub a la what one would do with a soap. I think there was a thread somewhere about how to "resurrect" an old cream, and I can't seem to find it so if someone could link to it that'd be great.


If you really must rehydrate, add ~2 teaspoons of water to a full tub, cover and let it sit overnight to soften the top. Stir it the next day, add another teaspoon if necessary and continue mixing.

I have a Tub of the AOS Rose Cream that's completely dried out, I use it as a soap and get a fine lather and the scent is activated when building my lather. Truthfully I think the Rose performs better since it has dried out.
Not to open a Pandora's box...but the same thing happened to me. I took it back and they exchanged it. Looking back, I should've probably kept it and did what mftoms suggested. I also have a store 2 miles away...
I tried adding water to a dry cream once. I could have just been my imagination, but it never seemed to be as good after that. Either I added too much or I was just tired of it to begin with, which is why it was left to dry out.
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