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Refurbished Gillette Fatboy & Slim Razoremporium

Hi all whas wondering if anyone has a refurbished Vintage Fatboy or Slim from razoremporium? Since they offer fully restored ones but at a serious price +$250 shipping not included so I'm looking for some feedback from gents that bought one from them, other suggestions are mostly welcome ✌

That is far too expensive. Look for a user grade even a good condition Slim but it may take a while; patience will be rewarded. Fatbys are expensive these days.
True I'm not in a hurry and can't justify +$250 I like shave gear but there's limits
You might be be right, I know a nice vintage cost a bit but $300 incl shipping to Europe for a refurbished fatboy or slim that's close to robbery
RE made to order is a joke, the razor will end up taking more time then quoted and look like cr*p when it finally shows up.
For $250 I would expect as a minimum for the razor to be in mint condition, boxed, and hand delivered by Miss World who would then proceed to shave me with it. Given that is unlikely then the price is ludicrous, it is obscene, and practically theft. I would not purchase any item or service from that company as a matter of principle, anyone who does needs their head tested. It is not even a particularly good razor. Don't let that put you off 👍
There is an Eastern Europe revamp service who from time to time sells stuff on eBay. At least it will spare you the ludicrous shipping and import fees from the USA. Have patiënt it will come to you.


No fatboy would be worth $250 to me. The Slim is a better razor and I paid $18 for a minty specimen last year. I did send this Fatboy to RE for a revamp and plating. It was pricey, but I am pleased with the work.